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Red Plaid Dog Collars - How to Choose Red Plaid Dog Collars

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Looking for a red plaid dog collar to liven up your favorite pooch's attire? Finding a safe and fashionable dog collar is easy if you know what you're looking for before you shop. Don't forget to get out the measuring tape and double-check diameter of your dog's neck before you make a purchase!

Desirable Features in a Red Plaid Dog Collar

Safety and size go hand in hand. The right plaid dog collar will be not too loose, not too tight and unlikely to choke your dog. Your plaid dog collar may fit and look fashionable, but you'll also want to double check that it won't snap apart at an inopportune moment.

Ideal Choice of a Red Plaid Dog Collars

A plaid dog collar with buckled or snap-together closures is a great choice. Double check the strength of snap-together closures, especially with larger dogs. You wouldn't want Fido's red plaid collar to break away in a dangerous situation. Make sure there is a place on the collar to hang a tag for identification. A sewn in name plate on your plaid dog collar is also a great option. Depending on your dog's age, you may want to buy a plaid dog collar that adjusts easily as he grows or choose one for him as a puppy and another for him at his adult size.

Shopping Tips for a Red Plaid Dog Collars

Measure before you shop! Then when you've decided on your new red plaid dog collar, don't forget to do the finger test. You should be able to fit three fingers under the collar of a large dog, two under a medium dog and one finger should fit between the collar and neck of a small dog. Don't leave your plaid dog collar loose enough to slip off or your pooch may end up roaming undressed and with no identification.

Do not choose a slip or choke style collar for everyday wear or for dog smaller than 20 pounds. These collars are for training and can be dangerous on small dogs or if used incorrectly. Your plaid dog collar should work well for everyday wear.

Leather is a good choice for a dog collar; however, many dogs are dedicated leather-chewers. If you're looking for a plaid dog collar, fabric may be a better choice.

A body harnesses in conjunction with your new plaid collar may be an ideal for small or toy dogs. When you pull back on the leash, the harness tightens around the dog's chest, controlling him without causing pressure on his neck or back. This way your pooch will be in fashion and carrying identification at all times, but also be well behaved when out for a walk.

Be sure to periodically give the plaid dog collar a once over. Collars wear out. Check for worn spots or broken clasps and buckles. You may also want to consider a back up plan besides your fancy red plaid dog collar for identification. Microchipping is an excellent idea “just in case,” but your dog should also wear a sturdy collar with visible ID.

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by ajk0207, Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Comment: I am looking for a plaid harness for my West Highland Terrier. She had tonsillitis and the vet recommended we remove her collar until she is over it. I would like to have a harness that she could wear all the time - the one we have now - loosens up until...

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