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Ruby Dog Collar - How to Choose a Ruby Dog Collar

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So if you're thinking that a ruby dog collar is a little ‘too much' for your pet, consider what your dog must think of the jewelry you wear. “Does she have to wear that big diamond?” “Does he know that watch is gaudy?”

Hey, bling's the thing, for you, and your pet. And nothing says bling like a ruby dog collar. But how do you choose a ruby dog collar for your pampered pooch? It's not so hard.

Features to Consider in a Ruby Dog Collar

When it comes to things that go around your dog's neck, safety is your first priority. That means a comfortable fit in an adjustable ruby dog collar. Most collars are adjustable. To choose a ruby dog collar that fits, follow these guidelines: The ideal fit for a ruby dog collar, or any collar, should allow for one to three fingers to fit between your dog's neck and the collar, depending on the size of your dog.

  • If your dog is very small, (under 20 pounds), leave only one finger's width between the ruby dog collar and your dog's neck.

  • If you have an average, medium-sized dog, go for a two-finger fit between the ruby dog collar, and your dog's neck.

  • If your dog is very large, a three-finger fit may be appropriate for the ruby dog collar.

    Your ruby dog collar will get rough use. Dogs are like small children—they can wear their way through anything we put on them. Be sure the ruby dog collar you choose has a sturdy fastener, whether in metal or plastic. Check it by pulling hard against the ruby dog collar while it's fastened. Examine the stitching, and make sure the materials and workmanship indicate a quality item.

    Check to be sure the rubies on your ruby dog collar can't be easily removed and swallowed by your dog. And look for a ruby dog collar made from material that can be easily washed. A cold water wash and line drying, out of direct sunlight, will help your ruby dog collar look better, longer, and prevent shrinkage, and/or damage to your dryer.

    Some Additional Features for Your New Ruby Dog Collar

  • Body harnesses are ideal for small or toy dogs. When you pull back on the leash, the harness tightens around the dog's chest, controlling him without causing pressure on his neck or back.

  • Leather is a good choice for a dog collar; however, many dogs are dedicated leather-chewers. If your dog spends a lot of time around other canines, check the collar frequently for signs of chewing damage and replace right away if necessary.

    The Ideal Ruby dog collar

    The ruby dog collar you choose should be sized appropriately for your adult dog, and/or adjustable to fit your growing dog. A ruby dog collar should be easy to clean, easy to remove, and easy to put on. The snap or buckle should be secure, and a ruby dog collar, like every collar, should also carry identification for your dog, in case the animal gets lost. Your ruby dog collar should be sturdy and safe, with no dangling objects that can be pulled off and swallowed. Make sure the rubies are firmly attached. A ruby dog collar should be attractive and fun, and make your dog the talk of the neighborhood.

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