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Science Diet Dog Food - How to Choose Science Diet Dog Food

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Choosing the right dog food is easy, when you choose Science Diet Dog Food. Just as people need different foods at different stages of life, so does your dog. With Science Diet Dog Food, you can choose different formulations for puppies, adult dogs, and seniors. Giving your dog Science Diet Dog Food is a choice you can make to enhance your pet's health, and improve his chances for a longer life. So what should you consider when you are considering Science Diet Dog Food? Let's take a look.

Features to Consider With Science Diet Dog Food

Consider the age of your dog. Is he a puppy? And ‘old-timer?' Or somewhere in between? If you aren't sure, consult your vet. Your veterinarian will examine your dog, and give you a very good estimate of the animal's age. Then, select the Science Diet Dog Food designed for your dog's life stage.

Check the size of the ‘kibble.' Puppies and smaller dogs will need a smaller kibble than large breeds and adults. Science Diet Dog Food offers differently-sized kibbles for dogs at different stages of life, and for small and large breeds. Make sure the Science Diet Dog Food you choose has the size of kibble your dog can chew, and consume, easily.

Only High Quality Ingredients Found in Science Diet Dog Food

Good nutrition is the most important factor in your dog's overall health. Science Diet Dog Food offers proven nutritional benefits for dogs at every stage of life. Science Diet Dog Food has the meat dogs crave, including real beef and real chicken, as well as lamb meal. A unique antioxidant blend helps keep your dog active and healthy for many years to come.

Like people, dogs sometimes overindulge and can put on pounds. That's especially true for older, less active dogs. Science Diet Dog Food comes in ‘light' formulations that offer the same nutritional benefits of regular Science Diet Dog Food, but in lower-calorie form to keep dogs lean and healthy. ‘Active Adult' Science Diet Dog Food meets the greater nutritional needs of active, working dogs, or show dogs, or dogs with nervous temperaments. There's even an ‘oral care' Science Diet Dog Food that helps keep your dog's teeth clean, and his breath fresh.
Choosing the Ideal Science Diet Dog Food

The ideal Science Diet Dog Food for your pet is one that fits his life stage, and offers nutritional benefits that fit his lifestyle—whether he's a playful puppy, an active adult dog, or a ‘retired' senior. Your veterinarian can help you choose the Science Diet Dog Food that's right for your pet's life stage—particularly if you are unsure of your pet's age. Science Diet Dog Food offers natural ingredients, like beef, chicken, and lamb, and unique antioxidant blends that can keep your dog going strong.

Science Diet Dog Food...For the Life of Your Dog

Science Diet Dog Food is a delicious blend of nutritious ingredients that can serve your dog's needs throughout his life. When you are choosing among dog foods, you can't go wrong if your first choice is Science Diet Dog Food.

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