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Dog Leash - How to Select the Best Basic Dog Leash

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If you're looking for a dog leash, you're in luck! There are many styles, materials, colors and lengths to choose from. Finding the right one can be difficult unless you know what to look for. Here are some tips to help!

Desirable Features in a Dog Leash

  • Durable materials
  • Leash length that allows good control
  • Safety

    Ideal Choice of a Dog Leash

  • The best basic dog leash is a sturdy, six-foot leather, nylon or chain leash with a good quality metal clip. The clip should securely fasten to a metal ring on the collar. It is a practical and versatile choice for everyday use and allows you to maintain good control of your dog.

    Shopping Tips for Buying a Dog Leash

  • Dog leashes are made of chain, nylon, or leather. Different trainers prefer different materials. All of these materials are fine as long as you periodically check to ensure there is no evidence of wear or fraying.

    - Rope dog leads are vulnerable to chewing and fraying.

    - Some trainers recommend nylon dog leads because of its elasticity, and supposed comfort for the dog, however nylon can sometimes chafe or cut into the skin.

    - Many professional trainers recommend leather over nylon because leather softens and becomes more flexible with age, is easy to grip; yet it remains strong. However, some believe that dogs may be less likely to chew nylon, as opposed to leather.

  • Retractable dog leashes allow a pet to walk farther from his or her owner while still under some control. But there are dangers to this. A dog that is not under control can attack a person, cat, another dog, be attacked, or run into the path of a car before the owner can “reel” him in. If you have a puppy, it is important to keep him close to you during the initial days to bond, train and protect him.

  • Consider reflective materials if you expect to walk your dog at night. This will keep you and your dog visible in traffic.

    More Tips on Buying a Dog Leash

  • Before setting out with your dog on leash, always tug firmly on the connection between the leash and the collar to ensure that it's secure.

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