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Dog Toothpaste: How to Select the Right Dog Toothpaste

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Dog toothpaste, also know as dental paste or dental cleaner, is an important part of dental hygiene for your dog. Dogs can suffer from similar dental problems as humans, including tartar and gum disease. You can help prevent those issues by taking care of your dogs teeth. One basic thing you can do is brush your dogs teeth!

There are several new products on the market that help pet owners care for their pet's teeth. Products include various types of “tooth paste”, various styles of toothbrushes, and multiple products that tout their ability to minimize tartar. There are several brands and types of dog toothpaste products to choose from. Here are some tips to help you choose the right toothpaste for your dog.

Features to Consider in Dog Toothpaste

  • Ingredients
  • Size of container (you may want to try a sample size first)
  • Palatability
  • Digestible
  • Flavor
  • Presentation: paste, liquid, gel, pads, spray, rinse, sponges

    Desirable Features in Dog Toothpaste

  • Easy to Use
  • Flavored
  • Pet Likes Taste
  • Safe

    Ideal Choice for Dog Toothpaste

  • The ideal choice for dog toothpaste is a product that your dog likes and is easy to use. For some dogs, a beef or chicken flavored pastes works very well. You may need to experiment with what works best for your dog. Some of the gels or pastes that include baking soda and grapefruit and citrus flavors are not well tolerated in many dogs. Start with a small sample size if possible and make sure your dog likes it.

    Tips for Using Dog Toothpaste

  • Be careful – don't get bit when trying to brush your dog's teeth. Start gradually and try to make if fun for your dog.

  • Start by letting your dog smell the paste and when he licks at it – praise him. Praise good behavior.

  • Treat the entire experience like a fun “thing” for your dog.

  • Don't traumatize your dog by holding him down and forcing his mouth open to brush his teeth. Keep the experience positive and both of you will be a lot happier.

  • Try to use non-alcohol ingredients in dog toothpaste, as they are generally more palatable to most dogs.

  • Keep dog toothpaste products out of the reach of children.

  • See our tips on choosing the right brush!


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