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Senior Dog Beds - How to Find the Right Senior Dog Beds

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Treat your senior dog to a senior dog bed! As we get older, we tend to sleep a whole lot more often or at least take a nap here and there. The same holds true for our older dog companions. Selecting a perfect senior dog bed should be as important as selecting one for your self. You need to take your dogs' age and health into consideration. Think lots of fluffy padding to ease those old and weary bones in the senior dog bed that you choose. The location of the dog bed or beds is also very important when choosing the best dog bed. Avoid drafty areas. A good place would be in an enclosed porch, your living room or, in your bedroom…these make the perfect place for your older dog. You might want to purchase several senior dog beds and place them around your home.

So, if you're looking for a perfect senior dog bed, trust us, you have lots of great choices! Dog beds are available in many colors, sizes, shapes, and materials. Here are some tips to help you buy the best dog bed!

Desirable Senior Dog Bed Features

  • Provides comfort
  • Conserves body heat
  • Protects bony prominences
  • Easy to clean/washable
  • Durable
  • Waterproof and resists moisture

    Ideal Senior Dog Bed Choice

  • A slightly elevated dog bed style with soft polyfill conserves heat also the elevated style protects your senior dog from floor drafts. This type of dog bed combines softness and comfort with durability.

  • As dogs get older, they can loose some of their muscle mass. Be sure there is good padding that can protect exposed bony prominences that occur in senior dogs.

  • Choose a style with a machine washable cover that can easily be thrown in the washing machine when dirty or soiled.

    Senior Dog Bed Shopping Tips

  • When choosing a dog bed, consider your dog's size.

  • A donut or nesting contour shaped dog bed that will fit around your pet to let him nestle in the center.

  • When testing the bed filling, it should be springy, not compacted, after repeated use.

  • Choose sturdy materials that can't be ripped or consumed by your pet.

  • Some beds have an inner wrap that keeps moisture from getting into and ruining core filling which may be important as some senior dogs may become incontinent.

    Sweet dreams.

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