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Sling Dog Carriers - How to Choose a Sling Dog Carrier

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Lets face it, sling dog carriers are no just longer used for taking Bubbles to the vet, kennel, or even the airport to travel, but rather to show off your own unique style. You know your precious fur ball of joy has hit the big time when she is totted around town in her Coach© sanctuary equipped with 7-inch plasma television and portable water mister. Okay, so maybe your sling dog carrier does not come with these well thought out features, but I'm sure Bubbles wished it did.

There are several styles to select from when searching for your dogs new sling dog carrier such as style, colors, size, shape, travel friendly, and materials. Certainly having a designer bag is a wonderful way to show the girls that you are willing to spend top dollar on your miniature pride and joy, but just make sure you are not trading off safety and durability for style and prestige.

Features that are a must when purchasing a sling dog carrier are airline compliance, usability, comfort, ventilation, and does it come with a money back guarantee if for any reason it comes apart or cannot stand the vigor's of constant chewing? A secure closure mechanism should be the most important thing you look at when it comes to sling dog carriers, because while you may get a carrier to resemble a designer purse, you don't want Fluffy Cakes to hit the ground when you reach over to grab that double low fat latte with a shot of espresso. Your sling dog carrier should be sturdy and made of plastic or a durable fabric material that comes with a secure latch with plenty of holes for ventilation. Sling dog carriers that are made of plastic are typically easier to clean because they can be sprayed and washed after use.

Your sling dog carrier should also be airline friendly. Make sure that when you contact your airline that you get the exact measurements and specifications that they will allow when checking your sling carrier onto the plane. Nobody wants to have to leave his or her precious pet at the airport because their designer sling dog carrier couldn't make it through the security checkpoint.

Here are some other good tips to use when looking for a sling dog carrier:

  • Sling dog carriers are the best if you are looking to free up space.

  • Make sure that the water and food bowl attachments are sturdy and secure firmly to the sling dog carrier.

  • Place a towel or blanket in the bottom of the sling dog carrier to help reinforce comfort.

  • If possible, try and avoid the use of cardboard dog carriers. They are less sturdy, absorb unwanted smells typically cannot be checked onto planes.

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