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Solar Dog House - How to Choose a Solar Dog House

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Dogs need to feel warm and secure, and a solar dog house meets both of those needs. Dogs and a patch of sunlight were made for each other. Dogs seek out the sun, and they like to have a warm place that's theirs and theirs aloneā€”a comfy den where they feel safe. A solar dog house is designed to capture the sun's warmth in the winter, and reflect it in the summer. A solar dog house could be the answer to your dog's natural desires.

So what do you look for in a solar dog house? What will it cost? How is it different from any other dog house? Here are some answers.

Features to Consider in a Solar Dog House

Consider the size of your dog, and the size of your solar dog house. Bigger is not necessarily better. Dogs prefer to be in smaller spaces, which make them feel more secure and also stay warm in cold weather. However, the solar dog house should be big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around. There should be no sharp edges and if your dog is going to be tied to it, the solar dog house should be set up for minimal leash or line tangles.

Materials matter. A solar dog house made from cedar will withstand weather, and it's a natural deterrent to fleas and ticks. Make sure the solar dog house is insulated, top, sides and bottom, to retain heat and keep out the cold.

Look for a roof that's removable for easy cleaning. Often, a solar dog house will feature a vent fan, to help keep your pet cool, and a light, to make it easier for you to look inside, and be sure that all is well.

But What Will a Solar Dog House Cost?

A solar dog house can have a sky-high price. You could easily spend more than $1,000 on a good-quality solar dog house. Yes, you could spend less on a conventional dog house. Making the choice to buy a solar dog house is one that should be considered carefully.

The Ideal Solar Dog House

The ideal solar dog house will be made of wood, preferably cedar, to naturally resist weather and to repel fleas and ticks. It should be insulated on all sides, and feature a vent in the roof, which may, or may not, be fan-powered.

A solar dog house should be attractive, easy to assemble, and easy to maintain and clean. It should be sized to accommodate your adult dog, while still being small enough to give your dog the feeling of a comfy den. It should have no sharp edges, and it should keep your dog cool in summer, warm in winter.

Solar Dog Safety and Shopping Tips

It is not only important to decide on the features of your doghouse, but also to consider why you are getting it. Putting the dog outside is not the best way to solve behavioral problems. Giving a dog that sleeps outside a solar dog house, however, is an excellent reason to give your dog some shelter. So find the solar dog house that works for you and give your dog a home!

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