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Staywell Doggie Door - How to choose a Staywell Doggie Door

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Fido wants to come in…now out…now in.…now out…if you find it odd to actually stay seated through an entire meal, then you might be in need of a Staywell Doggie Door. Do you ever wonder if your dog is just waiting for you to settle into a good book or sit down to a well prepared meal before he asks to go out? Staywell Doggie Doors can end the frustration of these interruptions by allowing your dog to let himself out. Staywell Doggie Doors are available in a range of sizes and styles, so there is bound to be one that is just right for you and your dog.

Features to Consider in a Staywell Doggie Door

Size – Your Staywell Doggie Door should be wider than the widest part of your dog and tall enough to accommodate the deepest part of his body, generally measured at the shoulder, just behind the front legs.

Design – Staywell Doggie Doors may be installed in all different types of doors, including glass, or even in the wall. So consider where it would be both convenient and inconspicuous to have a doggie door, before you shop.

Locking options – Staywell Doggie Doors offer a variety of locking systems, from manual locks to infrared activated locks that will open from a “key” on your dog's collar. The lock also may be set to allow your dog to go only one direction through the door or not at all.

Guarantee – Staywell Doggie Doors offer a three-year guarantee.

Desirable Features in a Staywell Doggie Door

  • Staywell Doggie Doors are available in a wide variety of designs, giving you many options for location and use.

  • Staywell Doggie Doors allow you to choose when and how your dog can have access to the great out of doors. They also keep unwanted animals like raccoons, stray cats, even snakes from getting into the house.

  • Staywell Doggie Doors come with a three-year guarantee against manufacturing defects. The manufacturer will replace parts or even the entire product.

    Features to Avoid in a Staywell Doggie Door

  • Avoid designs that are too small or too large for your dog. Remember that puppies grow, so you will want to buy a size that will accommodate his adult size.

  • Avoid designs that do not allow you to lock them from the inside. Even if you consider your neighborhood safe, an unlocked pet door can be an invitation to a burglar when you are away on vacation.

    Ideal Choice in a Staywell Doggie Door

  • If you have a small or toy dog, the ideal choice in a Staywell Doggie Door may be a window or patio flap that can also be used by your cat.

  • If you have a medium or larger size dog, the ideal choice in a Staywell Doggie Door will be one of the designs with an infrared sensor that allows your dog to open the door from either side simply by coming within a certain distance. The transmitter on his collar assures that only your dog will be able to open and use the door.

    Tips for safely using your Staywell Doggie Door

  • Consider your dog's habits as well as the layout of your home and yard in order to determine the best location for your Staywell Doggie Door. The design you choose will depend upon the location for installation as well as the size of your dog.

  • Measure your dog carefully before you shop to ensure that you get a Staywell Doggie Door that is large enough. Getting caught in the door or having to squish through it may be painful enough to discourage use of your new door.

  • Be certain that your Staywell Doggie Door leads only to a securely fenced yard. With your dog being able to come and go at will, you will want to be sure that the fence is in good repair. And if there is a gate in the fence, be certain that it is dog proof and locked.

  • While a Staywell Doggie Door can provide you and your dog with the convenience of allowing your dog access in and out of the house without you having to open the door, do not let it become a substitute to spending quality time with your dog. It is not a good idea to leave your dog alone for more than a long day at the office. Not only will your dog miss you and look for destructive ways to entertain himself, but he is also at risk of being stolen from your back yard. And even with a dog activated locking system, your home may be at risk of being broken into by way of your Staywell Doggie Door.

  • And finally, access to the yard through a Staywell Doggie Door gives your dog a wonderful sense of freedom, but it does not replace that daily walk or run on a leash with his favorite person. After all, the exercise is good for both of you.

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