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Virbac Dog Shampoo - How to Select Virbac Dog Shampoo

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When your dog seems to be scratching all the time, his coat looks patchy and rough, and rolling in the dirt seems to be his favorite activity, Virbac dog shampoo can help. Sometimes fleas get the best of a dog, sometimes a change in diet or routine can bring on dry skin, and some dogs just have sensitive, dry, or flaky skin. Whatever the reason, you can give your dog relief and a shiny coat by bathing him with virbac dog shampoo.

Features to Consider in Virbac Dog Shampoo

  • Quality – Spending a little extra on a good quality virbac dog shampoo is well worth it. Look for one that is pH balanced for dogs and has natural, skin soothing ingredients.

  • Ingredients – Chitosanide, natural colloidal oatmeal, glycerin and lactic acid are the most common ingredients found in these skin soothing shampoos. Insecticides may also dry out your dog's coat and skin, so you may want to choose a virbac dog shampoo for your flea and tick control program to avoid these unpleasant sides affects.

  • Efficacy – You want to choose a virbac dog shampoo that will provide your dog with relief. If you are uncertain about the cause of your dog's itching or irritated skin check with your veterinarian to provide a specific diagnosis and to recommend a specific virbac dog shampoo that will solve the problem. Some breeds may be more sensitive to these problems, and the overall health of your dog should be considered.

  • Scent – You may want to choose a virbac dog shampoo with an added scent, but be careful of heavy scents that may further irritate sore spots on your dog's skin.

  • Reason for Use – Using a virbac dog shampoo to relieve your dog's itching and flaky skin can be very effective, but it is not a complete form of treatment for some types of problems. Consider your dog's living environment, overall health, diet, amount of exercise, and general grooming as well. There may be several things you can do to improve the health and comfort level of your dog's skin in addition to bathing him with a virbac dog shampoo. Bathing alone without considering all the factors can do more harm than good.

    Desirable Features of Virbac Dog Shampoo

  • Works well – Like any shampoo, virbac dog shampoo should effectively cleanse your dog as well as provide itch relief. Also, be sure that you choose a virbac dog shampoo that is formulated with a lower pH designed for use on dogs.

  • Lathers easily and Rinses well – Virbac dog shampoo should lather quickly and easily without producing too many suds. It should also rinse thoroughly so that is does not leave a residue on your dog's skin or coat.

  • Tearless – While designed to provide relief for itchy, dry skin, virbac dog shampoo is not intended to get into your dog's eye. Like any shampoo, keeping it out of your dog's eyes and ears is the best way to keep a good attitude about having a bath.

  • Shiny coat – By relieving the itching and stopping your dog from scratching and rolling in dirt, virbac dog shampoo can give your dog back his shiny coat.

    Ideal Choice of Virbac Dog Shampoo

  • For effective itch relief look for a virbac dog shampoo that contains Chitosanide, natural colloidal oatmeal, glycerin and lactic acid.

  • Check with your veterinarian if you are uncertain about the cause of your dog's skin problems in order to choose the best virbac dog shampoo for your dog.

  • When fleas and other pests are the root of the problem, look for a virbac dog shampoo that includes pyrethrins or other insecticides to help rid your dog of pests. Tea tree oil and other natural ingredients may be your best choice to provide protection from pests without further irritating sensitive skin.

    Tips for safely using Virbac Dog Shampoo

  • Check with your veterinarian before using any medicated or insecticide shampoo on your dog. And always follow all label directions carefully and completely to ensure the health of your dog. Combining insecticides with a virbac dog shampoo could become harmfully toxic for you and your dog.

  • When bathing your dog with a virbac dog shampoo begin by wetting only the neck, making sure to get water all the way down to the skin. Then, lather the neck thoroughly with your virbac dog shampoo. This will create a barrier against any fleas or other pests and will prevent them from traveling up and congregating in your dog's ears and eyes and on his face. Once you have the neck lathered, wet the rest of your dog, and lather him up, paying careful attention to the areas where you noticed him scratching or licking. And always rinse your dog thoroughly after shampooing.

  • Lastly, don't depend upon a virbac dog shampoo alone to solve your dog's skin problems. Poor coat condition and irritated, flakey skin may only be the surface indications of a larger problem. Combine virbac dog shampoo with an overall health assessment to provide your dog with relief and help him to live a healthy, happy life. And, remember to see your vet regularly.

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