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Wacky Walker Dog Leash - How To Choose a Wacky Walker Dog Leash

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If you haven't heard of the wacky walker dog leash, you may be missing out. There are many important reasons to find the best Wacky walker dog leash for walking your dog and use it! Not the least of which is the leash laws that are enforced in most cities. These laws are in place for a reason and critical in keeping your canine safe and out of trouble. You may have complete control over your pooch, but you can't control other dogs and people. If your dog is going to be on a leash, it was as well be fun and colorful like a wacky walker dog leash.

Desirable Features in a Wacky Walker Dog Leash

The best dog Wacky walker dog leash will be durable, of an appropriate length and safe. The wacky walker dog leash is all these things with a few extras. It is designed for smaller dogs, 1-15 pounds and made from latex that will stretch to over 6 feet in length. Reinforced with 200 to 400 lb monofilament, the wacky walker dog leash can stretch twice its length, but is still incredibly strong and safe. The design of the wacky walker dog leash relieves stress on both the dog and the walker, making for a more comfortable outing for everyone. The wacky walker dog leash also has a traffic stop handle which can be used when you need strict control of your dog.

Ideal Choice of a Wacky Walker Dog Leash

The best basic dog leash is a sturdy, six-foot long and has with a good quality metal clip and the wacky walker dog leash works well. The clip should securely fasten to a metal ring on the collar of your dog. A wacky walker dog leash is a practical and versatile choice for everyday use that also allows you to maintain good control of your dog. Finding your favorite color is also a bonus and wacky walker dog leashes come in neon yellow, red, green, orange, purple, and pink.

Shopping Tips for Buying a Waking Walker Dog Leash

Consider materials when looking for a good leash. Rope dog leads are vulnerable to chewing and fraying and leather can also be chewed. The wacky walker dog leash is less likely to be chewed and is highly durable. The wacky walker dog leash also comes in neon colors which is great if you ever misplace your leash. A quick scan around the house and you should be able to find it quickly, even if Rover has taken it out into the yard to give himself a walk. These neon colors are great for visibility on the street as well.

More Tips on Buying a Wacky Walker Dog Leash

Before setting out with your pooch on your wacky walker dog leash, always tug firmly on the connection between the leash and the collar to ensure that it's secure. You wouldn't want you dog to take off into traffic or after trouble.

Also remember that your stretchy wacky walker dog leash will allow a pet to walk farther away from you while still under some control, but note that there are dangers to this. A dog that is not under control can attack a person, cat, another dog, be attacked, or run into the path of a car before the owner can “reel” him in. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and be prepared to use the traffic stop handle when in doubt.

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