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Wrought Iron Dog Gates - How to Choose a Wrought Iron Dog Gate

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When facing the dilemma of where to put my puppy while at work, the use of a wrought iron dog gate saved my life. As a new puppy owner who is away at work like most of us during the day, I had such a struggle to decide where to leave Shelby my miniature dachshund while away. At first I wanted to spoil her and leave her alone in the bedroom with a nice little setup of television and food and water, but after finding more than a few spots on my bedroom carpet, I knew instantly that the bedroom was not the place for her. However, I could not find it in myself to place her on the porch or leave her alone in the bathroom because I felt that those areas were just too small for a growing playful puppy.

With the use of a wrought iron dog gate my problems had been solved. I was able to block of my kitchen floor with the wrought iron dog gate which actually gave Shelby more running room than my bedroom had provided and I no longer had to worry about puppy art all over my bedroom floor. Nothing says my bedroom is sweet and romantic like little reminders of puppy love all over the carpet.

Before purchasing my wrought iron dog gate I made sure I checked all the different avenues to ensure that Shelby would be safe even if she attempted to go AWOL and make her way back to the bedroom. I found a wrought iron dog gate that was three feet high which is perfect for a little dog with poor jumping abilities (but wow is she fast), and had very thin links so that her paws could not get caught or tangled in the wrought iron dog gate.

My wrought iron dog gate is very sturdy and provides peace of mind that there will be no escaping while away at work. I managed to find a wrought iron dog gate that even managed to fit the color scheme of my kitchen and can be used for many doorways in my home, not just the kitchen. What also makes my wrought iron dog gate appealing is that it is easy to latch and unlatch so I do not have to attempt any Olympic hurdling when coming in for a snack or midnight raid to the refrigerator. What would be more impressive now that Shelby is secure with her wrought iron dog gate is if she could learn to cook my favorite meal or mix my favorite drink. I think for now I will be just fine with her fetching the newspaper.

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