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"Found 89% effective. A safe and effective treatment for canine thunderstorm phobia" in a clinical research study conducted by Dr. Nicholas Dodman and Nicole Cottam MS, ACAAB
Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Massachusetts

Relieve Your Dog’s Anxiety and Phobias

Stop the Drugs and Soothe Him Instead with the Vet-Tested Anxiety Wrap

Use It Often for a Calmer Pooch

Uh oh, thunderstorms start rumbling in the distance and your dog races to the closet- panting, drooling, shaking and whining. It breaks your heart to see him like this, but what can you do?

Friday night fireworks in the summer are exciting for your kids but torture for your pet. She cowers behind the television cabinet, knocking over the floor plant in her desperation to escape the boom, boom, booms. How do you comfort her?

Your dog is your best friend, your beloved companion yet you are unable to hold him or calm him down when his anxieties and fears are triggered. You feel so helpless.

The therapeutic hug for your dog

Have you struggled with your pooch’s fears and phobias without finding a successful solution?

Susan Sharpe, APDT, CDPT, an animal trainer for over 20 years, invented the Anxiety Wrap to help dogs suffering extreme distress from fears and phobias. The first of its kind and a patented creation, the Anxiety Wrap passed testing by university research studies with flying colors!

Made of lightweight, breathable 4-way stretch material, the Anxiety Wray uses Maintained Pressure and Acupressure to relieve stress and lessen fears and anxieties in dogs.

The patented design fits over your dog’s head and secures with just the correct amount of pressure. Your pup has constant flexibility and often isn’t aware he is even wearing one!

The drugless way to train and soothe your dog

Is your pet skittish, fearful or agitated often? Stressed out dogs are harder to train and when you take them to the vet’s or groomer’s, forget it! It takes three people to hold him in place just to get a nail clipping.

Want a less hyperactive, more easily socialized and relatable pet? Anxiety Wrap also helps end nervousness, unnecessary barking, constant jumping and travel phobias.

Never want to go through another rip-rumbling thunderstorm with your furry friend drugged into a stupor? Just slip the Anxiety Wrap over his head, secure it, and watch your dog act like normal!

Very helpful for shy, nervous dogs and rescues too!

If you foster or have adopted a rescue dog, you know that there might be behavioral or anxiety issues that are deep seated. Use the Anxiety Wrap to turn around nervous behavior and insecurities.

Are you at your wits end with the destructive canine behaviors that are a result of deep fears? Dog/cat aggression and fear of other dogs can make you and your pooch an unwelcome guest at the dog park or another’s home. Never again! Put on his Anxiety Wrap and go where you please, confident that your dog will enjoy himself too!

Stop breaking your heart over separation anxiety

Dogs who won’t let you get out the door. Puppies that cry and whine all day long. Pooches who won’t eat if you’re not around. And it seems to get worse and worse.

The Anxiety Wrap, as seen on the Today Show and Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or The Dog” show, helps calm your dog so his separation fears subside greatly. With his Anxiety Wrap, he happily goes back to playing by himself with his favorite chew toy after you leave.

Free online support and treatment program from Susan Sharpe!

With your purchase of the vet-tested and approved Anxiety Wrap, you receive free online support help from professional dog trainer and Wrap inventor, Susan Sharpe.

Susan helps you create a positive reinforcement treatment program to correctly help your pet overcome his unique anxieties and fears. You are not alone in dealing with your dog’s challenges ever again!

Ready to end your beloved dog’s debilitating fears?

Order the Anxiety Warp right now and you’re on your way to peace and calm in your dog’s world.

Isn’t that a relief?

Key Benefits

  • Calms, lessens and eliminates many canine anxiety problems
  • Uses Maintained Pressure and Acupressure to lessen stress, fears and anxiety as it gently soothes
  • Patented creation, first of its kind on the market
  • 11 sizes for your dog’s comfortable fit
  • Free shipping & free online support!
Retail Price: All sizes $41.45
Free Shipping!

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They Loved It!

“I have recommended the Anxiety Wrap with much success in my practice of veterinary behavioral medicine. The balanced and specific support it provides has helped reduce fears and phobias associated with thunderstorms and other stressful event in many of my patients.”
Dr. Herron, Behavioral Medicine Clinic, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, The Ohio State University

“This isn't a very good picture but Tini is definitely relaxed. We had a GREAT night last night even with all the lightning and thunder...slept right through! As far as I'm concerned your product is a miracle!!!”
Robin Mapps, Columbia City, IN

“..ordered the Wrap several months ago for my elderly friend's Boston Terrier to help during thunderstorms. While the dog is not completely calm during storms, we have been able to eliminate the 6 mg.(!!) of Valium we had been using without much success. Thank you so much. Our veterinarians have started recommending it citing our success.”
Sue, USA

Tracie Hotchner, pet expert, author of THE DOG BIBLE and THE CAT BIBLE, and host of weekly radio shows on Sirius/XM, WLIU, and WOR710, recently experienced how The Anxiety Wrap works first-hand. One not-so-fine day one of my very own dogs, Scooby Doo, woke up and was suddenly thunderstorm phobic. When the thunderstorm rolled in, Scooby came over to me trembling and panting and then he tried to squeeze underneath my desk. He’s over 100 lbs. so there is not room for him and my legs under there! I quickly put a dropper full of Stress Stopper from Spirit Essences in his mouth and I slipped him into the Anxiety Wrap. The Anxiety Wrap had not been on his body five minutes when Scooby Doo was a changed man — and I was a true believer! Happy ending: Scooby Doo slides into his Anxiety Wrap at the least sign of a noisy storm and is a braver boy.”
Tracie Hotchner, pet expert, USA

"Found 89% effective. A safe and effective treatment for canine thunderstorm phobia" in a clinical research study conducted by Dr. Nicholas Dodman and Nicole Cottam MS, ACAAB
Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Massachusetts

“The Anxiety Wrap is wonderful! My dogs, Woody & Glory, love wearing them. We cannot thank you enough for the difference they have made in our lives. It worked on the thunderstorm fear and the separation anxiety! I have never seen such a product. Thank you.”
Mary Beth Zoretic, North Carolina

Retail Price: All sizes $41.45     Free Shipping!
     Quantity:     Yes, I Want It!

Calm Your Dog with the Anxiety Wrap Soothe Fears Gently

• Calms, lessens and eliminates many canine anxiety problems
• Less shaking, pacing, drooling, hiding
• Soft flexible material for your pet’s easy movement
• Uses Maintained Pressure and Acupressure to gently soothe
• 10-year history of effective calming of dog’s anxious behaviors
• Recommended by veterinarians, dog trainers and canine behaviorists
   worldwide as an alternative to drugs
• 11 sizes for your dog’s comfortable fit
• Easy on and off process with no distress for your pooch
• FREE ONLINE SUPPORT! All your questions answered PLUS specific dog
   behavior suggestions for using the wrap from Wrap inventor Susan Sharpe

Use the Anxiety Wrap to calm, lessen and eliminate the following problems that your dog suffers from:

• Thunderstorm fear
• Fireworks fear
• Travel anxiety
• Constant barking
• Unwanted jumping
• Noise phobias from gunshots, screeching car brakes, lawnmowers
• Leash pulling and misbehavior
• Car sickness
• Hyperactivity
• Fear biting
• Constant whining
• Other dog and cat aggression

Size your dog for the most comfortable fit:

• Anxiety Wrap Toy- 5-7 lbs - Chest Girth 13-14”
• Anxiety Wrap Toy Plus- 8-11 lbs -Chest Girth 14-16”
• Anxiety Wrap Mini- 12-16 lbs -Chest Girth 16-19”
• Anxiety Wrap Mini Plus- 17-20 lbs - Chest Girth 19-20”
• Anxiety Wrap XX Small- 21-25 lbs - Chest Girth 20-22”
• Anxiety Wrap X Small- 26-30 lbs - Chest Girth 22-25”
• Anxiety Wrap Small- 31-40 lbs - Chest Girth 25-28”
• Anxiety Wrap Medium- 41-58 lbs - Chest Girth 28-31”
• Anxiety Wrap Large- 59-85 lbs - Chest Girth 31-34”
• Anxiety Wrap X Large- 86-95 lbs - Chest Girth 34-37”
• Anxiety Wrap 2X Large- 96 lbs+ - Chest Girth 37-41”

Retail Price: All sizes $41.45     Free Shipping!
     Quantity:     Yes, I Want It!

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The Anxiety Wrap® uses Maintained Pressure and Acupressure to relieve fears, separation anxiety, travel anxiety, jumping, barking and more.

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Retail Price: All sizes $41.45     Free Shipping!
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