A Broom That Actually Attracts Pet Hair 

Bissell Arrgh Pet Hair Broom Works Like a Pet Hair Magnet!

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“This toy is really cute and well made. My dog will choose this toy whenever it is offered.”

Boyz Mom - Knoxville, TN


Get Your Pet Hair Problems Under Control

We love our pets – but we certainly don’t love cleaning up pet hair. This is one of the top complaints from pet owners. Our pets shed everywhere and cleaning up pet hair requires different “tools” for different surfaces.

When our pets shed, their hair becomes “magnetized” – clinging to upholtery, carpets and clothing as we try to remove it. 

By far one of the most annoying cleanup areas for pet hair is the floor. On carpeting, cat hair magnetizes and clings to carpet fibers where it becomes deep set.

On bare floors, capturing those elusive little “tumbleweeds” of pet hair can seem like an impossible task. They contantly “float” away from the broom as you sweep. And the harder you try to catch them, the quicker they move and escape!

Not any more.

The folks at Bissell have invented a broom made specifically for pet hair cleanup – the Bissell Arrgh Pet Hair Broom. It has rubber bristles that attract pet hair like a magnet, and these rubber bristles are retractable with one quick twist of the handle, so you can use the broom for all your everyday cleaning needs too. 

The rubber bristles in the Bissell Arrgh Pet Hair Broom really work wonders on pet hair cleanup problems. And it can be used on both carpeting and bare floors with excellent results.

The Bissell Arrgh Pet Hair Broom is very easy to use and very effective at picking up pet hair. You’ll be amazed as you watch the trail of pet fur disappear behind this broom like magic!

It’s great for a quick cleanups and for making short work of everyday shedding.


We really love the Bissell Arrgh Pet Hair Broom we think you will you! Give it a try and see for yourself. It really is the best broom ever for pet hair cleanup.


Key Benefits

  • Works great to get pet hair off carpets and bare floors 
  • Looks like a regular broom with includes center rubber bristles 
  • Easy to use – simple twist the handle to extend or retract rubber bristles
  • Rubber bristles attract pet hair like a magnet
  • A quick and easy solution to pet hair cleanup 

Great Clean-Up Tool!

Dr. Debra Says, “This Broom Makes Pet Hair Cleanup Easy.”

“When the folks at Bissell named their new pet hair broom they gave it the perfect name. How many times have you expressed frustration when trying to sweep up pet hair that simply ‘floats away’ from the broom? This is a great invention for pet owners and it makes pet hair cleanup so much easier.”  Dr. Debra Primovic, DVM




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Make Short Work of Pet Hair Cleanup

The Bissell Arrgh Pet Hair Broom is a simple solution to a tough problem. Pet hair cleanup can be one of the most annoying tasks a pet owner faces. While pet hair will be a constant cleanup issue throughout your home, your floors definitely get the lion’s share of the action.

Removing pet hair from carpets and floors is a challenging task because magnetized pet hair attaches itself to carpet fibers and it rolls along like "tumbleweeds" escaping the bristles of our broom

The Bissell Arrgh Pet Hair Broom will change the way you deal with pet hair cleanup on your floors and carpets, making the job quicker and easier than ever before. Unlike ordinary brooms, the rubber bristles in the Bissell Arrgh Pet Hair Broom attract and hold pet hair, making cleanup quick and easy.

Bissell’s Pawsitively Clean line of pet cleanup products have earned a reputation for easy and effective cleaning – and their Arrgh Pet Hair Broom is no exception.

Product Dimensions:  Dimensions in inches (L x W x H): 38.5 x 11.75 x 3.25

  • Rubber bristles attract pet hair like a magnet
  • Works on carpets and bare floors
  • Easy to use – simple twist the handle to retract rubber bristles
  • Adjustable handle extends to 57 inches
  • A quick and easy solution to pet hair cleanup 
  • Black handle and black bristles with purple trim and purple rubber bristles
  • Hook on top of handle allows you to hang for easy storage
  • The bristles are made from Recycled PET (type of plastic called polyethylene terephthalate)



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Bissell - Arrgh Pet Hair Broom

The rubber bristles in the Bissell Arrgh Pet Hair Broom work like tiny magnets, attracting pet hair and quickly removing it from your floors and carpets. These special rubber bristles are retractable, so you can also use the broom for your everyday cleaning tasks.


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