CRAZY FUN for Your Cat … And You!

  BOLT Treats Your Cat to a Thrilling Chase
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› Set the timer for an automated 15-minute play session, or go ahead and play along
› Keeps cats entertained, even when you don’t have time to play
› Cats love to chase things and BOLT is the ultimate chase toy
› A fun new way to keep your cat active, fit and healthy

The Best Chase Toy EVER!

The Best Chase Toy EVER! The BOLT laser toy is one of the most innovative new cats toys we’ve ever seen, and it can really fill your cat’s lonely day with FUN! When you’re too busy to play, just set an automated play session for your cat, and BOLT will turn itself off after 15 minutes of fun-filled play.

Your cat will have a ball bouncing, pouncing, batting and chasing after the illusive red laser. And these active play sessions will help keep him happy, healthy and trim.

Cats love to chase things. They’re natural hunters, so it’s part of their nature. Most cats will chase just about anything, but nothing can compare to the fun of a laser chase. You can send that beam of light up a wall or around in circles and your cat will still try to catch it! You’ll love watching your cat’s crazy antics as he relentlessly chases after the moving laser.

The Best Chase Toy EVER! BOLT can entertain your cat when you can’t , but when you have the time to play along you can join in the fun. Just pick up the laser, point it anywhere you want it to go, and you’ll control the action. What a great way to spend some quality play time with your cat!

When BOLT is in "automatic" mode, you can set it on the floor, table, shelf … or any flat surface. It will run an automated chase program with random patterns that will drive your kitty absolutely bonkers!

This innovative new automatic laser toy is the coolest thing since catnip! Get one and let it entertain your cat … with you, or without you!

No Human Required

Sleek, stylish design.
Sleek, stylish design.
No need to hide it away. BOLT’s clean,
fluid lines will complement any décor.

This is no ordinary laser pointer. FroliCat™ has taken one of kitty’s all-time favorite toys to a whole new level. They’ve automated it!

Just set it and forget it.

With the automated BOLT laser toy, your cat can enjoy 15 satisfying minutes of exhilarating, laser-chasing FUN … even when you’re too busy to play along.

And BOLT will automatically turn itself off after 15 minutes of play. Just set it and forget it.

BOLT delivers the kind of high-energy interactive play cats crave. And you’re going to LOVE watching your cat chase that laser beam … across the floor, round and round, up the wall and right back down. Now that’s what we call FUN!

An active cat is a happy cat. And BOLT is a fun way for your cat to get more exercise. These regular play sessions will help keep your cat fit and healthy … and improve his state of mind. With BOLT as his playmate, your cat never has to be bored again.

Best New Toy of the Year

Have you heard? Top pet industry experts are raving about BOLT. This innovative new toy received the industry’s top honors as BEST NEW CAT TOY OF THE YEAR!

Best New Toy of the Year
Pet Product News International - 2009 Editor’s Choice Award
FoliCat™ BOLT™ is the proud recipient of Pet Product News International’s 2009 Editor’s Choice Award, which is given to products that exhibit excellence in innovation, function and design.
Best New Toy of the Year
Most Awarded New Product at Global Pet Expo 2009
Best in Show Cat Category | Becker Best in Show
FroliCat™ BOLT™ swept the awards at Global Pet Expo, the pet industry’s largest annual trade show, held in Orlando, Florida February 11-14, 2009. BOLT was named Best in Show in the Cat Category as voted by retail buyers.

BOLT was also honored as Dr. Marty Becker’s number one pick for best new product in the entire show in his first-ever “Becker Best of Show” awards. Dr. Becker is an esteemed veterinarian who has contributed to Good Morning America for more than ten years.

BOLT Is the Cat’s Meow!
This Veterinarian Loves It … and So Will You!

“I am extremely impressed with your superb product FroliCat Bolt. As a Veterinarian, one of the most widespread disease states I see is feline obesity. Overweight cats are much more prone to many serious health risks such as Diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritic conditions to name a few. Your product is perfectly designed to be safe and simple to use. Laser light may damage or irritate eyes but whoever created the Bolt engineered it to be completely safe. It would be virtually impossible to cause any harm when using the Bolt. The directions were very easy to understand and literally within 3-5 minutes my Bolt was up and running as were all 6 of my cats. I leave it on and unattended, all the cats in my home love it and it shuts itself off in 15 minutes - brilliant!!!! I might also add that our 2 ferrets like it as well. All the best to you and thank you for the thought and effort that went into the Bolt.“ — Dr. S. Baker

BOLT Automatic Laser Toy
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