This Safe Crunch Really Packs a Punch

Bottle Crunchers Water Bottle Toy – Set of 2: Give Your Dog Hours of Crunchable Fun!

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“I got this for my Mom. Her dogs LOVE to chew water bottles BUT the one problem is that they are a choking hazard. I have never seen two dogs go so crazy over a new toy and now my Mom doesn't have to worry about them possibly choking. This is just GREAT!”


Rambler Fan – Arlington, TX

Dogs Love to Munch on Toys That Go “CRUNCH!” 

Dogs just can't seem to resist the satisfying CRUNCH of an empty water bottle! They just love those crunching and popping noises. That's why dogs everywhere are going totally bonkers for Bottle Crunchers.

This fun new dog toy lets your playful pup safely crunch and crunch to his heart's content.

If your dog has tried chewing on empty water bottles before, you may have already learned (the hard way) that the chewing will eventually make the bottle crack ...and that can make chewing dangerous.

The sharp plastic edges of the broken bottle can actually slice or injure your dog's mouth ... and suddenly all that great crunching stops being fun.

With Bottle Crunchers, safety is no longer an issue. Your dog's mouth is protected from the sharp edges of those cracked water bottles, which are safely contained inside the toy's heavy canvas "sleeve." Several layers of Velcro hold the bottle snuggly inside the toy. The result? Hours and hours of safe crunching fun for your dog.

It’s easy to fill Bottle Crunchers and get started: Just insert an empty 20-oz. water bottle into the toy and watch your dog go crazy.

The Bottle Crunchers toys each hold up to one 20-oz. plastic bottle (any brand of water, soda or empty 20-oz. plastic bottle will work).  

When the water bottle wears out, simply open the Velcro closure, remove the old bottle, and pop in a new one. Your dog’s fun just goes on and on.

Just one CRUNCH and your dog will be hooked on this crazy new chew toy. The set of two colorful, whimsical toys comes with one caterpillar and one snake toy for your dog’s chewing pleasure.

It’s eco-friendly, too! Just use an old empty water bottle in the toy. When your dog is done and the crunch is gone, recycle the old one and insert a new plastic bottle for more fun. And to help keep our planet green, don't forget to recycle the old bottles.

Your dog will go wild for the crunching, popping noise of this crazy chew toy. Give your dog hours and hours of crunchable fun with the Bottle Crunchers Water Bottle Toy. Buy this set of two Bottle Crunchers now and save.


Key Benefits

  • Your Dog Will Love the Crunching and Popping
  • Safe Chew Toy – No Sharp Edges
  • Made of Heavy Canvas
  • Holds Up to One 20-oz. Plastic Bottle
  • Watch Your Dog Go Wild!

Pet Owners Just Love It!

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Safe, Crunchy Fun

Bottle Crunchers are a safe way for your dog to enjoy chewing on plastic water bottles. This set of two bright and colorful Bottle Crunchers comes with a pre-filled caterpillar and snake for your dog’s chewing delight.

Product Dimensions: 17 x 3 x 2 in.

Weight: 3.2 oz. (4 oz. shipping weight)


  • Toys come pre-loaded with an empty bottle inside.

  • Refill with empty 20-oz. plastic bottle

  • Made Of Heavy Canvas

  • Perfectly sized and designed to suit medium-sized dogs and the way they play

  • Super durable for rough and tumble fun

  • Bright, colorful caterpillar and snake designs

  • Interactive toy promotes exercise and bonding with your pet

  • Eco-friendly – repurpose old plastic bottles and then recycle when finished

*Always supervise your dog with chew toys.

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Bottle Crunchers Water Bottle Toy

The durable and fun chew toy is perfect for dogs that love the crunch of water bottles but not the cracking and cutting that can happen to their mouths. The heavy duty canvass cover protects dogs’ teeth and mouths from being cut by rough or cracked edges. The result? Hours and hours of fun crunching for your dog!

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