Dogs Love to Munch on Toys That Go "CRUNCH!"That's Why They Love Water Bottle Crunchers.

Give your dog Hours and Hours of Crunchable Fun! Dogs go WILD for the crunching, popping noise of this crazy new chew toy.

Packs a Punch with a Crunch! Just insert an empty water bottle into the toy and Watch Your Dog Go CRAZY!

Prevents Injury from Cracked Bottle Edges. Water bottles crack as your dog chews them, and the sharp edges can injure his mouth. The toy's heavy-duty cover protects your dog's mouth, for hours of safe play.

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Dogs Love to Crunch

Dogs just can't seem to resist the satisfying CRUNCH of an empty water bottle! They just love those crunching and popping noises. That's why dogs everywhere are going totally bonkers for Water Bottle Crunchers. This fun new dog toy lets your playful pup safely crunch and crunch to his heart's content.

Water Bottle Crunchers are made to hold a plastic bottle up to 20 ounces in size. (It can be a water bottle, soda bottle ... any empty plastic bottle up to 20 ounces in size.)

Water Bottle Crunchers are refillable, which means your dog's fun just goes on and on! When the bottle starts to wear down from too much crunching, simply open the Velcro closure, remove the old bottle, and pop in a new one.

A Safer Way to Crunch

If your dog has tried chewing on empty water bottles before, you may have already learned (the hard way) that the chewing will eventually make the bottle crack ... and that can make chewing dangerous. The sharp plastic edges of the broken bottle can actually slice or injure your dog's mouth ... and suddenly all that great crunching stops being fun.

With Water Bottle Crunchers, safety is no longer an issue. Your dog's mouth is protected from the sharp edges of those cracked water bottles, which are safely contained inside the toy's heavy canvas "sleeve." Several layers of Velcro hold the bottle snuggly inside the toy. The result? Hours and hours of safe crunching fun for your dog.

Refill for More Crunching Fun

When the water bottle inside the toy wears out, just replace it with another empty bottle. And to help keep our planet green, don't forget to recycle to old bottles.

Through this special offer, you'll get a package of two different bottle crunchers ... one caterpillar and one snake. These inventive, brightly colored toys will entertain your playful pup for hours and hours! Toys measure about 17" long by 2.75" in diameter and come "pre-loaded" with an empty bottle inside.

Just one CRUNCH and your dog will be hooked on this crazy new chew toy.

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