Keep Your Cat Happy While You're Away

The Cat Sitter DVD gives cats something fun to do!

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› No more guilt when you leave your cat home alone
› Continuous play DVD keeps kitty entertained for hours
› Your inside cat can enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort & safety of your home
› It's FUN ... cats just love it!

Makes Lonely Cats HAPPY!

Why is the Cat Sitter DVD such a great idea? Because it gives your cat something FUN to do when you're not around!

Cats hate being home alone. With no one there to help keep things interesting, your cat may become depressed, lonely ... even destructive.

If your cat doesn't like you to go out without him, he can't TELL you ... but he sure can SHOW you!

The Cat Sitter DVD gives cats something fun to do! Bored unhappy cats can have behavioral problems. You may notice urine marking behavior or notice that your cat "eliminates" inappropriately (outside the litter box).

Being left home alone can also make some cats nervous and stressed out. How do they show it? Physically. Some cats will groom themselves excessively. Some vomit or have diarrhea. Some become anorexic and refuse to eat. Others eat too much. Some cats "over vocalize" - crying, moaning and meowing

You are your cat's best friend and his constant companion. So it's only natural that he misses you when you're not there. You feel guilty about leaving your cat home alone, but you can't take him with you everywhere you go. And if you work, your cat spends plenty of long lonely hours alone every day.

It's a real problem. And it's hard on both of you. You HAVE to go out, but still it can make you feel guilty. When you go, your cat may become lonely, bored, upset - even scared. How does he show it? Your cat may become depressed, act out with behavioral issues, or physically suffer from the stress.

It's a tough situation for both of you ... but fortunately, there's a simple solution. A good way to help relieve separation anxiety is to enrich your pet's home environment. And the Cat Sitter DVD is the perfect way to do just that.

Stuck Inside? Bring the Outside World IN!


When your cat is stuck inside, bring the outside world in to keep him company.

The Cat Sitter DVD has so much to do and see. It keeps cats actively entertained for hours. And that means you will never have to feel bad about leaving your cat home alone again!

The Cat Sitter DVD gives cats something fun to do!

This is the very first video every produced exclusively for cats. It was specifically designed to stimulate your cat by making him feel as if he's out in the great outdoors, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. It shows animals in their natural setting. So while you're away, your cat can stalk, hunt and hang out with his new video friends who will fill his day with fun and adventure! This amazing stereo DVD features:

  • Mice
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Squirrels
  • Butterflies
  • Gerbils

Once you discover which parts of this DVD are your cat's personal favorites, the continuous loop scene selection feature lets you customize your cat's viewing experience, so he can always enjoy his favorite adventures. Your cat will love this DVD and you'll enjoy all the "extra features", like a cool music video of cats enjoying the Blue Danube. The Cat Sitter DVD is getting rave reviews from the pet industry, the media and plenty of satisfied cat owners just like you. These are just a few of the places the Cat Sitter DVD has been featured:

  • USA Today
  • Wall Street Journal
  • The Ellen Show
  • Cat Fancy

Turn Up the Fun with Catnip!

Catnip: Another fun way to keep your kitty happy!

In this special KITTY DVD FUN PACK, we give you two great ways to keep your bored lonely kitty happy. In addition to the amazing Cat Sitter DVD, you'll also get a double helping of organic catnip. And double the catnip means double the fun!

Catnip is an herbal relative of the mint family, and it really turns cats on. Some cats get absolutely whacky when they smell the stuff - just licking, meowing, rubbing and rolling around.

The Cat Sitter DVD gives cats something fun to do! This is MEOWEE WOWEE Catnip - and it is the Holy Grail of catnips. This super quality certified organic catnip will drive your cool cat crazy. Meowee Wowee is the world's strongest catnip, and it's grown right here in the USA. Just a pinch of this potent blend will unleash the magic of this aromatic cat treat. And that means this double sized portion will last and last.

The KITTY DVD FUN PACK will bring your cat endless hours of viewing pleasure AND a mighty fine catnip buzz! You'll get the DVD and the double helping of organic catnip all for less than you'd spend to catch a movie yourself at your local theatre.

So turn on your DVD player, break out the catnip and give your cat something to look forward to while you're away - a great movie and plenty of whacky playtime fun!

Now that's a really great way to spend a day.

While You're Away ... Your Cat Can PLAY!

The Cat Sitter DVD gives cats something fun to do! The Cat Sitter DVD gives cats something fun to do! Just $18.99 while supplies last