Wipe Out Pet Stains and Odor for Good!

Fizzion® Pet Stain and Odor Remover: Keep Your Home Fresh and Clean!

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Non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solution instantly goes to the root of the stain and the odor. Fizzion breaks down bacteria to eliminate tough stains and odors (even urine!) completely.

The odor never comes back preventing pets from soiling in the same area. One tablet makes 23 ounces of cleaner.

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"This works great on all stains, not just the ones from my dog.  Great product!" – Lihovan - Andover, MN.


Pet stains and odors? FIZZ them away!

You love your pet but the stains and odors that accompany them are another story... 

Pet industry experts and pet lovers alike are raving about a revolutionary, amazing odor and stain-removing technology called Fizzion® Pet Stain and Odor Remover.

If you've got pets, you absolutely can't live without it. 

This award-winning formula is the most powerful cleaning solution you can buy to clean pet messes (urine, feces, vomit, blood and any protein-based stains and odors) on carpet, fabric and most solid surfaces in your home. It works great on human stains and odors, too.

Fizzion®'s unique fizzing action instantly goes to the root of the stain and odor to completely remove it – permanently! 

Unlike other cleaners, there's no wait – just mix it, spray it on, wipe with a paper towel and watch your stain disappear … forever! The proprietary blend of gentle cleaners in Fizzion® is specially formulated to break down bacteria and uric acid on contact and permanently remove stain and odors, without harm or discoloration.  

Fizzion® is safe for all fabrics, carpets and most solid surfaces. And it's completely non-toxic and safe for people and pets. 

Fizzion® is environmentally friendly, too, so it's no wonder Pet Product News gave Fizzion® top honors with its Editor's Choice Award in 2009. Modern Dog magazine also named Fizzion® as Best New Product Under $20.

Fizzion® Pet Stain & Odor Remover is a revolutionary breakthrough in stain and odor-removing technology. Stain and odors are completely gone … and won't ever come back! 

Order Fizzion® today to keep your home clean and odor-free!  


Key Benefits

  • Non-toxic - safe for pets to sniff or lick
  • Tough stains & odors are completely gone... and they won't come back!
  • Economical and earth-friendly
  • Prevents pets from soiling in the same spot again

They Loved It!

Pet Stains/Odors Don't Stand a Chance with Fizzion®  


"Fast and easy to use in removing pet stains.  I really like this product."

Classymomm - Centreville, VA


"The product is excellent. Have used it on carpet to remove cat odor, puppy stains etc… Was also used on dried blood on carpet … Never had such a good product."

Babe's Mom - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


"When I first moved into my apartment my dog had an "accident" on the hallway's wall-to-wall carpet that I had thought was "removed" with another product. Then an upstairs toilet overflow caused not only the first odor to return, but it combined into a dog, human, mold & mildew smell. I tried everything! The smell just got worse as the days turned into weeks. Then I tried Fizzion and though it took multiple applications the smell was conquered… All you have to do is mix it, wait a minute, then spray whatever surface the odor is coming from. It is not a cover-up but an actual "killer" of what's causing the odors. This doesn't remove the odors in the air but stops it from smelling bad all together. Fizzion works great and lasts!"

Little Dog Nana – Rochester, NY


"I have two long haired cats that constantly throw up hairballs and unfortunately food on my carpets. I have tried everything out there to remove the stains it leaves on the carpet. This by far is the best stuff I ever tried and you don't have to scrub... just spray it on and then just wipe it up... and it is also the cheapest stuff as far as cost. This product is really unbelievable. There is no odor and there is no chance to harm your animals. I really swear by this stuff and will never buy anything else."

Linborch - Dover, NH


"Very safe for dogs and people!"

Stella – Dallas, TX

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Fizzion® Eliminates Pet Odors and Stains FAST

Fizzion® Stain & Odor Remover:

• Non-toxic – safe for pets to sniff or lick

• Tough stains & odors (even urine!) are completely gone …
   and they won't come back!

• Sounds activated by touch and turn off automatically
   Economical and earth-friendly 

• Prevents pets from soiling in the same spot again





Mix up a fresh batch of Fizzion® when you need it. Just fill the 23-oz. bottle with water, drop one tablet in the bottle and watch the fizzing action begin. Each tablet makes 23 ounces of Fizzion® solution, which maintains maximum potency for a full year after activation. So the mixture will be just as effective the next time you use it. For additional batches, just reuse the Fizzion® bottle.



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Fizzion® Stain & Odor Remover

FIZZ away even the toughest pet stains and odors for good with the award-winning Fizzion® Pet Stain and Odor Remover Formula.

Please focus on product performance and quality. You may also leave service comments below.


"I sprayed carpet areas where my 16-year-old cat tends to frequent since she decided to stop using her litter box. She has stopped going in those areas. I have two male dogs – where one goes, the other must mark his territory. Since using Fizzion, they have stopped that inside the house, even when it rains, and I no longer have that musky pee smell! Thank you so much, I just spray it on anything they used and the smell is gone. Wipe it up and the stains are gone, and no repeat offenders! I was shocked at how great it works and I've tried everything."

Cherie Lynnae - Simi Valley, CA


"I have one room left in my home with carpet that has been stained by pets, food and drinks. I have tried a few different cleaning products, including my old tried and true favorite, but was not happy with the results. I tried Fizzion and I am AMAZED!! As I look at it again this morning the difference is amazing. It is CLEAN! I will definitely buy it again."

Granny23 - Fontana, CA

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