90% Less Cat Hair for You to Clean Up!

FURminator: Win the Battle Against Shedding
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› Reduces shedding by up to 90 percent
› Less hair on your clothes, floors and furniture
› Helps prevent hairballs
› Helps control allergies
› Removes loose hair other grooming tools can’t reach
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Tired of Cleaning Up Cat Hair? We’ve Got the Solution.

Tired of Cleaning Up Cat Hair? Is your cat a lean, mean self-cleaning machine? While good grooming habits are important, the result of that self-grooming can cause plenty of aggravation for both kitty and you.

The loose hair your cat ingests while cleaning her coat must be swallowed. And the more hair your cat swallows, the greater the chance it will be vomited back up in the form of a hairball. And, unfortunately for you, those wet, nasty hairballs unexpectedly appear in the most inconvenient places.

The best way to eliminate hairballs is to remove that dead, loose hair from your cat’s coat before she swallows it. And the FURminator DeShedding Tool is the perfect way to do just that.

In addition to hairballs, there’s the problem of shedding. How often do you clean up unwanted cat hair from your floors, clothes and furniture? For most of us it’s a daily ritual, and a losing battle. The FURminator DeShedding Tool removes more loose hair than combs and brushes, so it really cuts down on shedding problems.

Not only is it annoying, shedding can be a health issue as well. When your cat sheds loose hair and dander, it can trigger allergic reactions. That’s why the FURminator is an essential tool for cat owners who have allergies.

This Grooming Tool REALLY Works!

This Grooming Tool REALLY Works! FURminator removed ALL THIS HAIR in just one grooming session.

The secret to the FURminator DeShedding Tool’s effectiveness lies in its unique design. Unlike other grooming products, FURminator’s unique edge goes deeper to address the true source of the problem — your cat’s undercoat. It doesn’t cut the hair. It grabs and removes it from the undercoat without damaging the skin or hurting your cat.

Not only does the FURminator remove an amazing amount of loose hair, it brings the natural oils from your cat’s bottom coat up to the top coat, leaving your cat with a lustrous natural shine.

Just look at how much hair the FURminator safely removed on this pretty kitty in just one use!

FURminator Goes Straight to the Head of the Class

In 2005, Tufts University ranked the FURminator DeShedding Tool among the best in preventing hairballs. Here’s what they had to say in their "Help for Hairballs" article:

"Since prevention is the best cure, take a close look at the FURminator DeShedding Tool. FURminator received paws up from the test cats. This patented tool utilizes a unique blade that removes dead undercoat and loose hair while leaving the topcoat alone. It features a 1 1/3-inch wide blade with fine 1/8-inch teeth. This tool removes an amazing amount of fur easily. FURminator’s soft ergonomically-designed gripping ridges make it comfortable to hold. Some test cats who normally don’t enjoy being brushed, tolerated the FURminator for a much longer period. Some even purred. This tool’s short teeth avoid the risk of scratching sensitive feline skin."

— Tufts University CATNIP newsletter, April 2005

Even Better Together: The FURminator Shed-Less Treatment

FURminator Waterless FURminator DeShedding Tool + FURminator Waterless
DeShedding Shampoo & Conditioner

Make your cat’s grooming process even more effective by adding FURminator’s waterless shampoo. It cleans and conditions without water or rinsing! This amazing product is enriched with Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids to protect against excess shedding, while vitamins and proteins promote healthier skin and a shiny topcoat. This shampoo has a clean fresh scent that leaves cats smelling great … no bathing required! Now that’s convenient.

Coconut-based cleaning system lifts and attaches to dirt, allergens and loose fur … which makes removal with your FURminator DeShedding Tool even easier. The non-drying hypoallergenic formula actually strengthens hair shafts. Helps reduce odor and shedding without bathing.

Give your cat the total "shed-less" treatment … and kiss your shedding problems goodbye!

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FURminator BOLT Automatic Laser Toy FURminator Waterless BOLT Automatic Laser Toy
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