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“ My 16 year old absolutely loves this! When I put it on now, she immediately perks up. I was afraid the edges would be a little rough on her, but the way she leans into it makes it perfect. This makes me feel even more like her Mom :) ”

Massage Glove Mimics A Mother Cat’s Tongue


Pamper your cat during grooming sessions, ease stress and give him the pleasant and soothing comfort he seeks with Kitty Tongue, The Glove.


When you put on the glove and stroke your cat, hundreds of soft Velcro hooks on the finger pads and palm mimic the feel of a mother cat’s tongue. Run it across your skin ... it feels pretty close to the real thing and your cat will love it.


Your cat will sit and purr loudly and lovingly while you gently massage away all his tension. Many glove users say that their cat will sit and be massaged until they stop petting... Kitty Tongue, the Glove is the perfect tool for quiet, gentle bonding time for you and your cat.


And it’s easy to use. Simply put it on your hand (one size fits all) and then start petting and massaging your cat. He’ll think he’s a kitten again!


Amazing, isn’t it? Who would have thought a cat could sit still for so long?


And if your cat suffers from a skin condition or moles, Kitty Tongue, The Glove is gentle and non-irritating. It can be used for light grooming and massage or to relax your cat before using more aggressive traditional grooming tools.


You’ll simply be amazed not only by your cat’s willingness and acceptance to be handled but also by the deep purring trance your cat falls into while you’re stroking him. 


Kitty Tongue, The Glove is easy to clean (and machine washable). When you’re finished, simply put it away in a drawer or leave it out where your cat can rub against it whenever he needs a little comfort or reassurance.


Kitty Tongue, The Glove’s Velcro pads gently groom and relax your cat, just like a mother cat does with her kittens. Order yours today. Your cat will thank you for it! 



Key Benefits

  • Gentle Massage Mimics a Mother Cat’s Tongue
  • Soothing, Calming
  • Safe, Natural Grooming
  • Easy to Use
  • Machine Washable

Great for Finicky Felines

“I would not hesitate to recommend Kitty Tongue to anyone with an even-more-so "particular" feline friend. This product is a big hit with my 15-year-old, Bootsy, who has NEVER been a fan of human grooming. She's totally into it!, and I am thankful to have finally found a way to help her out with that one spot on her back – right above her tail – that she can't quite reach around to anymore that doesn't end with disastrous consequences! Thanks! Also, love that it's made AND sourced in the USA!”

Carla Jean


“The cats love a good grooming/petting session, and using the Kitty Tongue makes it easy to do both at the same time!”



"My kitties know that when the glove comes on, it's play time! Viola likes just one gentle finger on her noggin while Sebastian likes it with all five fingers. More fun than catnip!"



“Product "fits like a glove" :-) My kitten purrs non-stop when I use it on her, and it works really well on her fine hair.”

Green Goddess


“My cat loves it. She purrs the entire time I use it. It is gentle and effective. It definitely helps keep the shedding down.”




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Gentle Cat Grooming and Massage Tool – Better Than a Treat!

Kitty Tongue, The Glove

Size: One size fits all 

Color: Gray/Pink

  • Gentle grooming tool that even works on cats who dislike traditional grooming brushes and products

  • Velcro hooks on finger pads and palm simulate the loving grooming that a mother cat gives to her kittens.

  • Gentle, gradual and soothing massage action

  • Safe and Effective for Cats with Skin Conditions

  • Handmade in the U.S.A.

  • Machine washable



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Kitty Tongue, The Glove

The gentle massage action of the Velcro hooks on Kitty Tongue, The Glove simulates the feeling your cat had when he was groomed by his mother.   

Please focus on product performance and quality. You may also leave service comments below.

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