Studies Prove Music Helps Pets to Relax

Award-Winning Music My Pet CD Calms Stressed-Out Pets
Music My Pet
› From Tom Nazziola of Disney’s Baby Einstein   fame
› Designed specifically for pet relaxation, based   on the latest pet anxiety research findings
› Classical masterpieces reworked to have a   soothing effect on pets

The Science Behind the Music
Driven by genius and grounded in research.

Bissell ShedAway Listen to this soothing music. Isn’t it relaxing? This is one of the musical tracks on this groundbreaking new pet relaxation CD.It was designed to help pets relax … even in the most stressful situations.

The Music My Pet CD was developed by award winning producer, performer and pet lover, Tom Nazziola. You know him from Disney’s Baby Einstein, the highly acclaimed children’s music series.

Specifically created as a relaxation tool for pets, the CD was designed to follow the results of recent pet anxiety studies. This visionary CD incorporates the core musical elements that were proven to have a calming effect on pets.

Working from the most recent research, Nazziola drew from his Baby Einstein experience and used his creative talents to shape this one-of-a-kind musical CD, specifically designed to help pets relax.

Recognized by Pet Experts

Pet Industry Award Winner
In this year’s Worldwide Pet Industry Association awards, the revolutionary new Music My Pet CD was second runner-up as the "Best New Product."

Modern Dog Magazine
The CD was featured in the Winter 2008 issue of Modern Dog Magazine. Here’s an excerpt from that review:

"Developed by the same people that brought you Disney’s award-winning Baby Einstein CDs, Music My Pet is designed to help ease your dog’s anxiety. The first part of this CD contains a high frequency pitch to get your dog’s attention, following which are the calming sounds of the harp, flute and piano to ease your dog into a peaceful state of relaxation."

Enjoyed by Happy Dogs Everywhere

Music My Pet CD Award-winning pet relaxation CD from Baby Einstein performer calms your stressed-out pets "Thanks for the awesome CD! Music My Pet is played during breakfast, after dinner and also at bedtime at our facility. It really seems to calm the dogs. We also find that playing this loudly during a thunderstorm helps the K9 kids that are afraid of the storms to calm themselves. I would recommend this to anyone!"

Elena Smith & Pet Crew (K9 Cabins & Dog Trails)

Music My Pet CD Award-winning pet relaxation CD from Baby Einstein performer calms your stressed-out pets "Thanks for the CD - my dog actually really does dig it. He sleeps like a baby when it's on - pretty incredible!"

Jon Yellon (New York, NY) Pet: Ernie

Music My Pet CD Award-winning pet relaxation CD from Baby Einstein performer calms your stressed-out pets "We decided to leave Music My Pet on a loop playing while we were out at work all day just as an experiment to see if it really helped the barking situation. After the first day, I came home hours later, stuck my keys in the door and there he was! Just chilling on the couch. Normally he'd bark and yelp for attention the minute I jangled my keys outside the door. I even left the CD on as I unwound from my day at work, playing with a much calmer Regis on the living room floor. We tried it again everyday, and sure enough, Music My Pet was the perfect remedy- not just for pets, but for their owners too!"

Regis, Tibetan Terrier (9 yrs)

Healthy Relaxation for Your Dog … and You!

We can all benefit from a little less stress in our lives, and that goes for our dogs, too. This remarkable new CD was designed to help your doggy relax, even in the most stressful situations. This is an extraordinary product, and you can purchase it right here for just $13.99.

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