Removing urine odor is a 5-step problem.
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If Your Home Smells Like Cat Urine, You’ve Got BIG Problems.

No amount of cleaning can remove urine. Cat owners have problems with urine odor ... that’s a given. It can can be confined to the litter box area, or it can spread throughout the entire house.

Proper treatment methods can help. But when the problem is caused by the cat spraying or urinating outside the litter box, you’ve got a much bigger problem.

First, you must get rid of the smell by finding and treating EVERY SOURCE of urine odor ... and that’s not easy because most urine deposits are invisible to the naked eye. Next, you must find out why your cat is going outside the box and take the necessary steps to change his behavior. Otherwise, your urine odor problems will never go away.

Cat urine odor is one of the strongest-smelling odors there is ... and one of the hardest to get rid of. You’ve probably tried every cleaning product on the market — with little to no success. It’s almost impossible to get rid of the smell. Even when it seems like the smell is gone, it just comes back again. Here’s why.

No amount of cleaning can completely remove the urine — even when it LOOKS like it’s all gone, a molecular component of the urine remains behind ... and it will never go away. The residue can’t be detected by the eye, but it can definitely be smelled by the nose! That’s because the residue that stays behind is the part of the urine that generates odor. That means that no amount of scrubbing can ever get rid of the smell. The urine will be there forever, stinking up your home. The only way to get rid of the smell is to DEACTIVATE IT AT THE MOLECULAR LEVEL.

Solving cat urine odor problems is no easy task. If you don’t handle every aspect of the problem in exactly the right way, it will never go away. That’s why Dr. Jon put this exclusive Odor-Free Home Collection

STEP 1 — The Black Light Test

The Black Light Test Your odor-free homes begins with a full-out "Search & Destroy" mission ... you must find every source of urine odor in your home and eliminate it.

First, the search.

The smell might be coming from a particular area, but that’s not good enough. To treat the problem, you need to know exactly where the urine is — all of it. If you don’t get it all, you’ll still have odor. Or, the smell may subside just enough that YOU can no longer smell it ... but your cat still can. If that’s the case, he will continue to urinate or spray in the area and your odor problem will continue.

Oftentimes you can’t see the urine, so you don’t know exactly where you need to treat it. You must use a black light to "seek it out" — it’s the only way because urine will "fluoresce" under a black light.

Your Odor-Free Home Kit contains the Poop-Off® Urine Locator, a small black light that will uncover all the sources of odor — urine, feces and cat spray that are invisible to the naked eye. It works on carpet, tile, flooring, concrete, walls, mattresses and upholstery.

It’s really easy to use. This super-bright LED black light has a convenient "lock on" button so the light stays on without holding the button down. The urine will glow under the black light. It will find all the urine in your home ... even old urine deposits that could be drawing your cat back to that area.

As you find each spot, "tag" it with a sticky note or a piece of paper. Once you’ve treated all these areas, use the light again to recheck them. Make sure you’ve treated the entire area. Any untreated spots will continue to glow under the light.

STEP 2 — Treat Every Source of Urine Odor

Treat Every Source of Urine Odor Zero Odor® completely eliminates every trace of urine odor ... for good.

Now you’re ready to "destroy" those odors and you need the right product for the job. That product is Zero Odor.

Zero Odor reacts with urine deposits at the molecular level, DEACTIVATING THE ODOR-CAUSING PROPERTIES in those urine deposits. Spraying these problem areas with Zero Odor will get rid of the smell ... all of it. And if your cat can no longer smell the urine in that area, he will no longer be tempted to continue urinating there.

Zero Odor safely works on any surface — carpet, wood, tile, concrete, flooring, plaster, fabrics ... you can even spray it through the air as a deodorizer.

Zero Odor can also be sprayed in and around the litter box and directly on litter to keep new litter box odors under control.

This product is so effective, it even works on SKUNK spray!

You’ll love this amazing odor remover for so many reasons. It works like a charm on garbage cans, diaper pails, stinky gym shoes, mildew and much more.

You’re going to love Zero Odor. And with the bonus coupon in your Odor-Free Home Collection, you can even save $5 off your next purchase of Zero Odor!

STEP 3 — Keep the Litter Box Area Clean

Keep the Litter Box Area Clean When it comes to quick and easy cleanups in and around the litter box, nothing works better than the Litter Buddy. It’s simple, compact and super convenient.

This 4-in-1 litter cleanup tool kit puts everything you need for quick and easy cleanups right at your fingertips.

This set has all the tools you need to keep your cat’s litter box — and the area around it — clean and tidy. Its convenient space-saving design makes Litter Buddy the ultimate litter cleanup system. The tools snap together and fit snugly inside the convenient storage caddy. The stacked tool set can sit on the floor or counter, or you can use the mounting holes to mount it to the wall.


  • oversized litter scoop
  • plastic bristle brush
  • dust pan
  • caddy

STEP 4 — Get to the Root of the Problem

Get to the Root of the Problem The veterinary experts at can help you determine why your cat is spraying or urinating outside the box.

Their Owner’s Guide to An Odor-Free Home gives you solid litter box care information and proven tips to help resolve your toughest litter box issues.

When it comes to their litter boxes, cats can be picky. Find out why cats urinate outside the litter box ... and what you can do to make them stop doing it.

This 32-page guide is a "must-have" for cat owners!

STEP 5 — Change Problem Behaviors

Change Problem Behaviors When it comes to understanding our furry little friends, expert behavioral insights can help.

Tufts University Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Nicholas Dodman helps you to understand what your cat needs to be content in his DVD Happy Cat Happy Home.

Unhappy cats commonly have more behavioral problems, including spraying or urinating outside the litter box. Find out how to make your cat happy ...
it could make you and your family a lot happier, too!

Dr. Jon’s Odor-Free Home Collection *

Your Complete Solution to Cat Urine Odor!

Dr. Jon's Odor-Free Home Collection Dr. Jon Rappaport founded to help pet owners better understand and care for their pets. Cat owners ask for his help with litter box odor — particularly urine odor — more than any other problem.

Lots of cat owners have urine odor problems, but these problems could be happening for many different reasons. There is no universal solution ... no simple answer. To get rid of urine odor once and for all, you must treat the entire problem — and that’s a 5-step process.

Most cat owners don’t know what to do or how to do it. That’s why Dr. Jon developed this exclusive Odor-Free Home Collection. It explains the entire process and gives you everything you need to solve your odor problem in one complete package.

You won’t find a collection like this anywhere else! It’s your one, complete resource for urine odor problems.

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