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  • Humane – Created by a
    renowned animal behaviorist, it
    uses a simple “hiss” of air to
    train dogs without punishment
  • Effective – Immediately stops
    problem barking so you can
    gain your dog’s attention
  • Proven – Created by Britain’s
    top animal behaviorist it is the
    #1 training product in the UK
  • Stops barking & other
    problem behaviors


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I’m Barking and I Can’t Shut Up!!

Pet Corrector

That annoying sound you (and your neighbors) hear is your dog barking – and barking and barking and barking…

Sometimes it seems to go on forever.

And nothing is more aggravating.

Aside from the huge annoyance factor, a barking dog can lead to problems within the family, sleepless nights, legal action from angry neighbors and even eviction.

When you’ve got a dog that simply will not stop barking, you’ve got a big problem – one that is not easily solved.

While some dogs can be trained to stop barking on command, other dogs simply keep on barking – no matter what. For many of these dogs, the outcome is often quite sad. Uncontrolled barking can lead to ongoing abuse, abandonment or euthanasia.

How to Get Your Dog to Quit Barking

Pet Corrector

Dogs bark for many reasons. They may hear unfamiliar noises. They may see other animals nearby. The may be barking at the mailman. Or they begin barking when they hear other dogs bark. Some dogs bark because they’re lonely. Some want attention. Some have learned that if they keep on barking they will get what they want. And some dogs bark because they are nervous or anxious.

Medical problems could also be causing your dog’s excessive barking. Pain, deafness and cognitive problems are a few of the more common medical reasons for barking. So before starting any behavioral training, see your veterinarian to make sure that there are no underlying medical issues that are causing your dog to bark.

Understanding the reasons for your dog’s inappropriate barking is the first step towards solving the problem.

If it’s not a medical problem, what can you do to make it stop?

Yelling won’t help – your dog will simply think that you are joining in.

Ignoring a barking dog may work eventually, but the barking will likely get much worse before it gets better.

Some dog owners use punishment-based training with shock collars that emit a slight electrical shock to your dog when he barks.

But there is a better way to get the results you want without punishing your dog.

The Humane Solution to Problem Barking…
And It Really Works!

Pet Corrector

Sometimes, the best solutions can be found in nature.

Noise can be a powerful deterrent. Snakes and geese use hissing sounds to scare predators away. Other animals (including domestic pets) have an instinctive sensitivity to this hissing sound – when they hear it, they stop dead in their tracks.

The Corrector™ is Europe’s top behavioral product, and now it’s available for American dog owners. It uses that natural hissing sound as a training tool that can stop problem behaviors like barking. And it really works.

The Pet Corrector is an aerosol can that emits a blast of compressed air – and like a snake’s hiss, that unwelcomed “hiss” of air will interrupt your dog’s undesirable behavior.

It’s really easy. Just spray the Pet Corrector near your dog. It will automatically disrupt the cycle of barking while it sends a message to your dog that his actions are not acceptable. Once your dog complies and quiets down, reward him by saying “Good dog” and give him a treat.

Through repeated use, your dog will learn that his undesirable behavior will trigger the unwelcomed hiss – and simply showing your dog the can of Pet Corrector will be enough to stop the problem behavior. (You may also want to leave the Pet Corrector in plain sight when you leave the house to deter your dog from barking while you’re gone.

The Pet Corrector can be used to stop a variety of behavioral problems including:

Inappropriate barking

Jumping up



Entering forbidden areas

Britain’s Top Training Aid, Now Available in the USA

Pet Corrector

The Company of Animals is the United Kingdom’s leading specialist in dog behavioral training products. Britain’s leading animal behaviorist, Dr. Roger Mugford, founded The Company of Animals more than 30 years ago to provide pet owner’s with the help they need to train their pets. Every one of their products is tested during training classes and consultations at their Training and Behavior Centre to ensure that their products will do what is expected.

Since its introduction, the Pet Corrector has become the #1 training product for domestic pets in the United Kingdom. Now it is available right her in the USA, and its popularity is quickly spreading.

Research shows that pets are sensitive to the natural hiss of the snake and geese. Dr. Mugford and his team believed that what works in natural should also work in behavioral training. That’s how the Pet Corrector was created. When the compressed air inside the Pet Corrector is released, it makes a hissing sound that closely mimics the natural sound of a snake hiss. It immediately interrupts your dog’s undesirable behaviors – including barking, stealing and jumping up – giving you the opportunity to regain your dog’s attention.

The Pet Corrector is humane yet effective and it has become one of the best deterrents to stop unwanted pet behaviors, getting rave reviews from the pet industry and satisfied pet owners everywhere. And the Pet Corrector is easy to use. According to Dr. Mugford, “It’s simple once the pet parent understands how to use it to produce behavior changes.”

This Dog Owner Swears By It – And So Will You!

“I have a Boxer and a 5-pound Brussels and their barking can drive anyone mad. After using it for a few days, just the site of the Pet Corrector quiets them right down now. Citronella collars didn’t work but the Pet Corrector did. I keep one in my home and one in my purse so that they do not wake up the neighborhood during late night walks. This is an amazing product and it’s humane!” – Marcia, Veterinary Technician

STOP Nuisance Barking Instantly!
Get the Pet Corrector™ today.

Pet Corrector
Pet Corrector

Pet Corrector

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