Wash your dog in just minutes - without the mess!

PetJet™ makes it easy … indoors or out!
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› Less mess
› Works inside or out
› Works with any shampoo (even prescription shampoos)
› Saves money on expensive grooming
› Pays for itself in just 1 use

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The quick & easy way to wash your dog at home

Giving your dog a bath can be a real nightmare. Most dogs hate baths. So they struggle and squirm, constantly trying to escape, and before you know it you've got a big soapy mess!

If you're tired of bath-time hassles, we've got the solution.

PetJet makes it easy to wash your dog – inside or out! How easy? Picture this. Wet your dog, soap him up and rinse him down in just a few minutes – using just one hand!

PetJet is the easy-to-use spray washer that deep cleans down to the skin with no hassle and no mess. Here's how it works.

PetJet Washer

Simple operation with just 1 hand – Squeeze the handle for water or push the button to apply shampoo.

3 nozzle settings – Wash, rinse and jet spray settings

Easy lock button – Keeps water flowing continuously

2 connectors – PetJet's outdoor connector quickly attaches to your garden hose or outdoor faucet, and the indoor connector fits most indoor faucets. With Pet Jet, you can wash your pet year-round, indoors or out.

Dispenses shampoo – No more fumbling with slippery shampoo bottles! Convenient shampoo reservoir holds 6 ounces of shampoo – enough for several washings. Other products require special shampoo cartridges. PetJet lets you use your own shampoo – even therapeutic prescription shampoos.

Once you try it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

How it works

PetJet's convenient dual-trigger action lets you shampoo and rinse your dog in minutes – using just one hand!

Just fill the shampoo reservoir with your favorite doggy shampoo and you’re ready to go!

Choose one of the quick-connect adapters for either indoor or outdoor bathing.

PetJet Washer PetJet has three nozzle settings (rinse, wash and jet spray), so you can choose the water pressure setting that is most comfortable for your pet. You can use the "rinse" spray for wetting and rinsing, the "wash" spray for dispensing shampoo and the "jet" spray for washing hard-to-clean areas like your dog's paws.

Once your dog is wet, just press and hold the blue trigger to dispense shampoo. Then pull back the gray hand trigger to switch to water only. For a constant stream of water without continuously pulling back on the gray hand trigger, just push the convenient red trigger lock and you've got a constant flow of water.

The indoor connector will fit most sink faucets. Just connect PetJet to the sink and its long 8-foot hose gives you the flexibility to position your dog in the sink, bathtub or shower while you easily maneuver around your dog to quickly clean even those hard-to-reach trouble areas.

PetJet makes bath time easy – indoors or out!

Works with any shampoo – even prescription shampoos

Many dogs suffer from dry, itchy skin. In some cases, your dog may even need a special prescription shampoo to help keep his skin healthy. Some hand-held washers only work with special shampoos, but PetJet works with ANY doggy shampoo, so you can use it on all dogs – even those with problem skin.

PetJet Washer

A better way to wash your dog

Start by wetting your dog down. When you're ready to dispense the shampoo, just hold down the blue trigger and in just a few seconds, the shampoo will reach the nozzle. The amount of shampoo dispensed by your PetJet will depend on the water pressure – the higher the water pressure, the more shampoo is released. To quit dispensing shampoo, simply release the blue trigger.

All dogs are different, and PetJet is the perfect way to customize your dog's bathing experience to suit his special needs. You choose the shampoo. You control the water pressure. You choose the nozzle settings that work best for your dog.

 • Wide soft spray – best for wetting your pet down and rinsing away shampoo
 • Jet spray – great for hard-to-clean areas like paws
 • Wash spray – creates a foaming action and dispenses shampoo to your pet's coat

Pet Jet saves you time – and MONEY!

This amazing dog-washing tool is so quick and easy that you can wash your dog at home in just a few minutes. With PetJet's simple one-hand operation, you always have one hand free to position or hold your dog. When you want to pause the water spray, just release the gray handle trigger. PetJet makes bath time so simple that you won't mind doing it at home. Why pay for expensive grooming sessions when you can save money by washing your dog at home? PetJet makes it quick and easy – and it pays for itself in just one use!

Act now – with this special HALF PRICE offer, you'll pay less for the PetJet than you would spend for a single session with a professional groomer.

No more messy baths … get your PetJet today!

PetJet Washer
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