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Buddy Gets a Bath with RapidBath

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Rapid BathWhen I wash Misty at home, she's shaking all over the place, she's trying to creep away from me, there's soap and water everywhere ... I just have to make sure I'm in my ragged clothes because she jumps on you and tries to get away. She always tries to get away when I bathe her. The RapidBath System was really convenient. It soaped her up, washed her and rinsed her off all in about 3 or 4 minutes. She didn't move a step or try to get away. It was great.
- Tiffany (and Misty)

Rapid BathIt's been difficult. He's big. I have to take him to a pet store to get him bathed because my back just can't take it any more, bending over for half an hour. It's been a big chore, so we don't get him bathed nearly as often as we should. When I take him, I start thinking ... "Man, I could really use this 15 bucks for something else this week." I love RapidBath. I really do.
- Jim (and Bogie)

Rapid BathI see a lot of dogs with bacterial infections, allergies, and sometimes just plain dry skin. With the RapidBath System, you're able to part the hair and get to the area where the problem exists. So a lot of these dogs are going to be feeling better and are not going to be as itchy. Hopefully their bacterial infections will clear up faster.
- Sam Costello, DVM

Rapid BathOne of the biggest problems is that folks don't get down to the skin with the water and the soap appropriately. And there are many breeds - German Shepherds, Labs, Golden Retrievers, Chow Chows - with all of those types of dogs it is very hard to penetrate their coats. Those coats were developed to protect them from the elements and it also protects them from the water. The RapidBath System actually penetrates because the shampoo breaks up the oils and allows the water to get where it's needed to get the animals clean. There's no other system like it out there.
- Chris Pawlosky, Dog Grooming Champion

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Dogs Just Love It!

Dogs Just Love It!

This awesome power-wash tool will turn your doggy bath nightmare into an absolute dream come true. No more chasing or struggling to make your dog cooperate. No more hand scrubbing and no more wet, soapy messes.

You're going to love RapidBath. And your dog will love it, too. He's going to enjoy the feel of RapidBath's deep massaging action against his skin. So instead of dreading "bath time," he's going to enjoy it!

Quick & Easy

This super easy all-in-one bathing system transforms the grueling task of washing your dog by making short work of bath time. In fact, a Rapid Bath only takes about 3 minutes from beginning to end! This all-in-one system quickly attaches to any standard showerhead or garden hose, so you're ready to bathe your dog in a flash - indoors or out.

Simply hold the hose while RapidBath's three cleaning cycles thoroughly wet, wash and rinse your dog. During the "wash" cycle, RapidBath releases a specially formulated shampoo into the water stream to

Quick & Easy

create a powerful cleansing solution that's good for your dog's coat and skin. It uses the same state-of-the art "power wash" technology found in professional pet bathing systems to penetrate the coat for deep cleaning, down to the skin. It powers away dirt and dander, so there's no need for "scrubbing" and hand washing.

RapidBath's powerful cleaning action does all the work ... All you have to do is point the hose. It's so easy, even the kids can do it!

What You Get

The RapidBath Kit includes:
  • Hand-held multi-cycle spray device
  • Universal shower adapter
  • 10-foot hose
  • 1 Ultra Cleaning pH balanced/biodegradable shampoo cartridge (1 cartridge will wash a medium-size dog 5 or 6 times)

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