The Litter Box You Can LOVE.

They don't call it the "Ultimate" Litter Box for nothing! Sturdy, sleek and stylish, the SmartCat Ultimate Litter Box gives cats and their humans so much to love.

Your finicky kitty will love it because of its ample size and unique shape. This roomy large-capacity litter box is a good height for cats. It is designed with a special easy-access opening that makes it very easy for cats to get in and out of the box.

High ramped sides help prevent litter kick-out, which means it keeps litter in and reduces tracking. This uniquely shaped litter box makes it easy for you to remove soiled litter, and the over-sized rim makes it very easy to handle.
The Litter Box You Can LOVE.
This translucent blue plastic litter box has a sleek modern shape that will complement any d├ęcor. But it's more than just "pretty" - this litter box is made to be durable and easy to clean.

Once you try it, you'll absolutely LOVE it!
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Everything a litter box should be ...
without the high price tag.

When it comes to your cat's litter box, only the ULTIMATE will do! No other litter box can compare to the SmartCat® Ultimate Litter Box. Here's why: The Litter Box You Can LOVE.
  • Designed by feline behavior experts to meet your cat's needs
  • Easy-access entry
  • Reduces tracking (high ramped sides keep litter in)
  • Easy-to-clean plastic
  • Sturdy durable construction
  • Large capacity gives kitty plenty of room
    (25" L x 18.5" W x 10.5" H)
  • Attractive - sleek modern design

The Ultimate Litter Box is designed to meet all your cat's needs - and yours - because it's made by the folks at SmartCat®. Their products are specifically designed by feline behavior experts to enhance the quality of life for cats. The high quality design and construction of SmartCat® products encourage the mental and physical stimulation of cats while meeting the needs of both cats and their humans. And all SmartCat® products are widely tested and approved before they reach the market.

The SmartCat® Ultimate Litter Box ... you'll LOVE the way it performs - and so will your cat!

The Litter Box You Can LOVE.
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SmartCat® Ultimate Litter Box
Just $19.99while supplies last