Keeps Kitties Off Countertops!

SsscatTM: Safe Cat Training System Controls Bad Behavior

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“The ssscat does what it says – it senses your cat, and then lets loose a spray and an alarm squeal. We have a very bad cat, but after a few encounters with this thing, he has stayed off the countertops. We recently got a second, so that we can have one for the dining room table and one for the baby's bassinet, and they're working fine as well… A couple pieces of advice: (1) You will need 4 AAA batteries per unit. (2) The spray is good for a few months to a year, depending on how many times you forget the unit is there and spray yourself. At that point, you can either buy the refill can or just rely on the sound alarm. (3) The alarm usually goes off once after you arm the unit, while it's "warming up." To avoid wasting a spray, I set it to "sound only" until the warm-up alarm is over, then turn it to the "sound + spray" setting.”



A Humane Way to Solve Problem Kitty Behaviors


Does your cat jump up on the kitchen countertops or dining room table searching for snacks? Does she scratch the furniture or chew on your houseplants? During the holidays, does she like to jump in the Christmas tree and knock down ornaments?

The automated ssscatTM motion-activated spray conditioning system deters your cat from these bad behaviors and more.

Place the ssscat on countertops, near the drapes and in front of other indoor restricted areas.

When a cat comes within three feet (one meter) of the ssscat can – the attached motion detector senses your kitty and emits a quick blast of harmless, non-toxic spray.

The spray startles your cat and he’ll run away. After a few blasts, most cats will remember and will be deterred from that behavior.

Ssscat works to control the following behaviors:

  • Jumping in the Christmas tree
  • Scratching furniture
  • Jumping on counters and tables
  • Chewing plants and electrical wires
  • Entering rooms that are off limits
  • Climbing drapes
  • Attacking other pets such as fish or birds
  • Inappropriate elimination

The clear ssscat spray is odorless and non-toxic to pets and people. It will not stain rugs, furniture, fabric or floors. You can adjust the angle 15 possible ways and spray direction (up-down, left-right) to suit your needs.

Another benefit is you aren’t actually doing the spraying, so your cat won’t associate the bad behavior and correction with you (as it might if you yelled or sprayed the cat yourself). The repelling spray is sufficient to stop bad behavior immediately and keep cats away from restricted areas.

When the can runs out, you can order the ssscat refill (must purchase separately). The 4.5 oz. refill can fits the ssscat automated deterrent system and contains approximately 200 sprays.

Control your cat’s behavior quickly and humanely with the ssscat training aid. Order your ssscat automated deterrent system today! 


Key Benefits

  • The Ultimate Cat Control Device
  • Harmless, Non-Toxic Spray Repels Cats
  • 200 Sprays per Can
  • Solves Problem Behaviors
  • Adjustable Nozzle

My Cat Hates This Product! 


“I bought one well over a year ago to stop my cat from using his favorite corner in the rec room as a litter box. It worked perfectly! Two months ago, after the teens were left in charge of the litter box for a week while my husband and I were on vacation and apparently did a poor job of keeping it clean, the cat chose to turn the living room into a litter box. I shampooed the carpet every day or so, yelled at the cat when I found pee or poop, but we finally gave up and got an estimate on getting wood to replace the carpet. Then I remembered the ssscat can – I set it up and no more mess! The only flaw is that the canisters are expensive (but not nearly as expensive as changing to hardwood!) and the device doesn't go off every time (we tested it) but my cat is fearful, and one time was enough to keep him away. Great product!”

 Cathy E. Normandia – Irvine, CA


“If you want to keep your kitties off of things, this will do it. Works like a charm. I now just leave it in the spot where I don't want them to be without arming it and just the sight of it keeps them away. Amazing. It does not harm them in any way.”

Carmella J. Smagula


“I have 2 cats. One is now a 3-month-old male; one is now a 5-month-old female. The male was not coordinated enough to reach the kitchen counter (until recently) but the female can't imagine anywhere she would rather be. After a month of time outs and squirt bottles I gave up and tried this product. MALE CAT: Jumped on counter. Set off sensor. Jumped really high and backwards – landing on the ground. Has not tried to get on the counter since. It's been 2 weeks ... and he is completely okay with never trying again. FEMALE CAT: Jumped on counter. Set off sensor. Jumped really high and backwards – landing on the ground. Circled to the dining room side. Tried again and set it off. She stayed off the counter for the rest of the evening but tried again that night (heard her fall around 3 am). 2 weeks later and she is surveying the counter to see the best path to avoid the spray (I move its location every day). She has even recruited the boy cat as her minion. He keeps me busy with his adorableness so I can't always catch her mid-crime. She doesn't do anything up there; I think she is trying just to prove a point (that she CAN beat me). Okay, Girly...challenge accepted. I have now ordered 3 more ssscats …”

Quinn – Seattle, WA


“We have a nosy cat that always scratches the sealing around our door. Rather than keep replacing the sealing, we bought this product. It worked wonderfully. The product uses 4 AAA batteries (not included). It's easy to use: You aim the nozzle in one of three angles (down, level, and up), turn it on, and walk away. You're done. It does what it says (spray air at the cat/critter when it gets too close). Our scratchy cat problem is gone, so this is 100% a success story.”

Gabriel “Pinchegab” – Los Angeles, CA


“I wish I had discovered this years ago before my cats destroyed all the carpeting. Our cat does not like to use a litter box and most of the time will go outside. However, we have new wood flooring and a couple times she got lazy and did her business on the floor. We can't afford to replace any more flooring so I thought I would give this a try. Works great. The cat hates the spray that comes out and I don't have to worry about her going on the floor anymore. I have a couple of them and even if I don't have them turned on the cat won't go near the area so I'm not panicked if I forget to turn it on. So thankful for this product. The only other solution was to get rid of our cat and we didn't want to do that.”

Heidi Troxell – Baroda, MI


“I needed to keep my cats out of my kitchen. ssscat is working great! My female cat, that is usually very scared, reacts to the spray. My other cat is stubborn but it only took about two times for him to get the idea. It also worked on my dog (didn't mean for it to!). However, with the dog, I am able to convince him to come through. Also, I do not think my cats realize that it is coming from that can, because I keep it kind of hidden. So, I am going to try and remove the can from the kitchen tonight, and see if they try to enter. I am anxious to see how that works. Overall, I have had the product two full days, and my cats do not even come near my kitchen! I cannot wait to try it around the house in more places that they love, like on top of my washer!”


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Keep Your Cats Away from Off-Limit Zones

The ssscat™ automated deterrent system uses an electronic motion detector and spray can with fully adjustable nozzle to emit a blast of harmless HFC134a gas to repel cats in a three-foot radius. It's a fast, effective, harmless and painless way to keep your cats away from certain areas.


The kit includes one aerosol can, an electronic motion detector, instruction booklet and warranty card.

Product Dimensions: 7.3 x 2.6 x 10.6 inches; 4.5 oz. can

Shipping Weight: 13.4 ounces


  • Read enclosed instruction booklet before operating.

  • Motion-detected training solution teaches your cat to stay away from restricted areas; sets boundaries for your cat.

  • Odorless, harmless spray releases when cat approaches (within 3 feet/1 meter) – 100% safe for cats, humans and the environment.

  • Easy to set up and use

  • 15 adjustable angles; adjustable spray direction (up-down, left-right) 

  • Works with other small animals (e.g., rabbits, dogs, ferrets, etc.)

  • Requires four AAA batteries (not included)

  • Refill cans available (purchase separately). Contains approximately 200 sprays and fits ssscat automated deterrent system.

  • Made in Canada


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ssscatTM Refill Can (4.5 oz.)


Put an end to your cat’s inappropriate behavior with ssscat. This harmless, non-toxic spray stops your cat from jumping up on counters, scratching the furniture, chewing on plants and more. The ssscat refill (4.5 oz.) contains approximately 200 sprays. It fits the ssscat automated deterrent system.

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