Wake up the hunter in your cat!

Tail SpinTM ... As much fun as a real mouse chase!

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› This toy is FUN, FUN FUN!!!
› Satisfies your cat's inner need to stalk and hunt
› Random motion keeps your cat engaged - reduces boredom
› Encourages stalking, pouncing, exercise and play
› Realistic sound and action drive cats CRAZY!

Bored kitty? Turn up the FUN!

Day after day, life within the same four walls can get pretty boring for an indoor cat. When you're home, you are your cat's primary source of "entertainment". When you're busy or when you're not at home, your indoor cat has even less to occupy his time.

Tail Spin... As much fun as a real mouse chase! Life among humans has its benefits, but indoor cats are often bored. Cats that are bored tend to sleep more. Many of them eat more. And they exercise less. Boredom can lead to depression, obesity and other associated health problems.

A bored cat is NOT a happy cat, so it's up to you to provide your cat with the environmental enrichment he needs to stimulate his mind and peak his interest.

When your cat finds himself on the inside looking out day after day, he may lose his zest for life. Indoor cats yearn for some good, natural feline fun.

Nothing beats a good game of "cat and mouse"

Why do cats enjoy life in the wild? Because they have the freedom to hunt, mark, protect and defend, and to interact with other cats. This is what makes a cat a cat. Without these all-important activities, life can become tedious for even the most loved indoor cat.

Tail Spin... As much fun as a real mouse chase! Cats are natural hunters and predators. They were BORN to hunt!

Indoor cats no longer have to hunt for their dinner, but their instinctual need to stalk and hunt prey still remains strong. When your cat is unable to find an outlet for his predatory skills, he may become bored and even lazy.

Cats need healthy mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy, healthy and content. Your cat should enjoy some stimulating play activity every day. And when it comes to stimulating fun, for a cat nothing beats a good game of "cat and mouse".

So if your cat is feeling blue, gaining weight or losing his zest for life, a good interactive toy that simulates his predatory hunting instincts is exactly what the veterinarian ordered! This type of natural, interactive play can help keep your cat alert, active, agile, healthy and happy.

Tail SpinTM interactive cat toy:
Your cat will think it's the real thing!

Tail Spin is a great interactive cat toy. It puts your cat into "predator" mode - intently stalking the mouse's tail and pouncing at will. In fact, this toy is so engaging that it can hold your cat's interest for hours on end, sending him into pure predatory bliss!

Tail Spin... As much fun as a real mouse chase! Tail Spin is a definite "must have" for all indoor cats. The play is very rewarding because it was designed to satisfy a cat's "killer instincts" - but in a safe and healthy way.

The mouse's "tail" emerges randomly from either side of the stump, moving back and forth, enticing your cat to stalk and chase. And when your cat paws at the mouse, it squeaks! When your cat gives the mouse a good swat, the mouse makes an amazingly realistic squeaking noise.

The sisal material at the top of the stump is great for scratching and Tail Spin is treated with catnip to further entice your cat into some good healthy FUN!

This toy requires 2 AA batteries, which are included - but make sure to have more batteries on hand because this toy is sure to be your cat's favorite.

Looks and sounds like a real live mouse! Seriously. Tail Spin is so lifelike, your cat will think he's hunting a real live mouse! Here's why.

• It LOOKS like a mouse. The fuzzy little fellow hiding inside this stump looks just like a real live mouse, from the tip of his furry little nose to the end of his quickly-moving tail.

• It SOUNDS like a mouse. All Play-N-Squeak toys have RealMouseTM electronic sound that produces an amazingly realistic "squeak" when your cat gives the mouse a good swat. How "real" is it? The squeak is produced at the same frequency and level as a real field mouse! So when your cat hears this mouse "squeak", he'll be convinced that it's the real thing.

• It MOVES like a mouse. In addition to its realistic sound, Tail Spin's simulated live action is as genuine as it gets. This toy is incredibly engaging. Tail Spin activates your cat's predatory instincts with stimulating random movements, compelling your cat to stalk and pounce. The mouse's tail emerges randomly, first from one side of the stump then the other. And what self-respecting cat can resist a quick swish of a tail?

Tail Spin is the perfect way to engage your cat's inner hunter with healthy exercise and satisfying stalking FUN. It's the closest thing to a real-life game of "cat and mouse" you will ever find ... and your cat is going to LOVE it!

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Tail Spin... As much fun as a real mouse chase!