It's So Much More Than an ID Tag.
And it's the best protection you can give your dog.

It Can Bring Your Dog Home Safely. If your dog is lost, Top Tag's contact information can help rescuers get him home to you safely.

Helps Others Care for Your Dog. When you can't be there, Top Tag means your dog will be OK. It holds all the information vets, kennels, pet sitters or his new owners need to take good care of him.

Easy to Use & Update. You don't have to be a computer genius to use Top Tag. (It's so easy your mother can do it!) All you need is a computer with Windows and you're ready to go.

Top Tag Pet ID

So Easy Your Mom Can Do It!

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It's So Much More Than an ID Tag.

This truly innovative pet protection tag takes the pet ID concept to a whole new level. With this high tech tag, all of your pet's vital information fits on a mini flash drive, small enough to wear around his neck. Protected in a snap-tight waterproof case, the flash drive easily attaches to your pet's collar, where others can quickly access its information. That way, your dog's complete profile goes along with him, everywhere he goes.

Top Tag will help you create a total pet profile for your dog, complete with contact information, medical records, special care instructions and photos. You can even scan or photograph your dog's license and other important documents to make them part of this permanent record.

And Top Tag always keeps the information current. If you want to add to his profile, or if you move, Top Tag is easy to update.

Next to you, Top Tag is your pet's very best protection. It holds much more than contact information. It's your pet's total care record. And it can help anyone take good care of him should the need arise. With Top Tag, all of your dog's vital information can be accessed in seconds, from any Windows computer.

It's Everything You Need to Know About Your Dog, and More.

If your dog is injured, instant access to his medical records could help veterinarians properly treat him. It could even save his life.

That's where Top Tag can help. It holds your dog's complete medical history. If your dog has a condition that requires medication or special care, Top Tag lets caregivers know so they can provide it. If he has special dietary needs, they'll know. It's all right there in your dog's profile.

If your dog is lost, Top Tag not only tells rescuers where he lives ... it tells them how to take good care of him. By understanding your dog's special needs, they can keep him healthy and safe until he can be returned home to you.

It Helps Others Care for Your Dog When You Can't.

For you, taking care of your dog is second nature. But when you have to depend on others to care for your dog, it helps if those caregivers also understand his special needs.

Pet sitters, vets, rescuers, family members, even new owners - to properly care for your dog, these people need to know as much about his needs as possible. And when you can't be there to do the talking, Top Tag will tell them for you.

Top Tag Pet IdWhere does your dog live? What kind of food does he like to eat? How much does he eat? How often does he need to go out? What commands does he understand? What is his favorite toy? How active is he? Is he good with kids? Are his vaccinations current? Does he take any medications? And if something should happen to you, who do you want to take care of him?

When the Top Tag flash drive is plugged into any Windows computer, they will get the answers to all these questions and more, in a matter of seconds.

The information on Top Tag can help jump-start the relationship between your dog and his new caregiver. When they better understand his needs, they'll be able to bond with your dog more quickly. Top Tag tells them about your dog's habits, health, special needs, personality and lifestyle, so there's no guesswork.

The information on Top Tag can be printed out in its entirety, or you can select specific records to print. That way, you can easily print out the instructions you want to leave with the pet sitter ... or print a back-up copy of your dog's complete profile for your records.

It May Even Help Your Dog Find a New Home.

If something were to happen to you, what would become of your dog? Top Tag can help ensure that your dog will be properly cared for when you can no longer be there for him.

In this situation, many people assume that a friend or family member will step in to care for their pets. But so many times that just isn't the case. Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility - one that many people aren't ready to accept.

What would happen if your friends and family cannot take your dog, and he needed to find a new home?

With so many homeless pets waiting to be adopted, the information on Top Tag could give your dog a real advantage. People are afraid of the unknown. When they get a puppy, people feel like they will help influence the type of dog he becomes. But when an adult dog is waiting to be rescued, his personality is already formed.

What if he has behavior problems? What if he hates cats, and the new prospective owners have cats? Knowing more about your dog's personality, habits and lifestyle will help others feel more comfortable adopting him.

And what about his health? Puppies are usually strong and healthy, but as a dog gets older, he could have a lot of health problems. That can also scare away prospective owners. Knowing your dog's medical history can carry a lot of weight in their decision.

Top Tag tells these potential new owners everything they need to know about your dog, eliminating much of the risk they might feel when deciding which dog to rescue. It can tell them about your dog's vaccinations, his good health, his pedigree, his friendly nature or his love for children. It can help match your dog up with the kind of owner that will be able to really meet his needs ... and that, in itself, is priceless.

Give Your Dog the Protection He Deserves.

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