This Toy Is Stronger Than Your Dog’s Teeth!

If Your Dog Is Tough on Toys, Try the Tuffy Ultimate Ring
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› Stands up to all the punishment your dog can dish out
› Industrial strength construction
› Durable yet soft, so it won’t hurt teeth and gums
› Great for tugging, fetching and water play

Is Your Dog Tough on Toys?

Are you tired of buying toys for your dog, only to have him quickly chew through them or shred them into bits?

A dog’s teeth can do some serious damage to a toy. You want your dog to have fun toys to play with, but when you have to buy replacements for those damaged toys all the time, it can get expensive.

It’s a tough problem. But we’ve got the solution.

It’s called the Tuffy Ultimate Ring toy … and it can take all the punishment your dog can dish out!

Built to Last: The Secret Is In the Construction

This is one dog toy that really lives up to its name. It really IS the "ultimate" ring toy. And it’s no coincidence that it’s made by a company called "TUFFY."

This toy is durable. It’s versatile. And it’s built to withstand your dog’s roughest play.

The Ultimate Ring Toy is also washable. So when it gets soaked with drool or soiled with mud, just toss it in the washer.

The Ultimate Ring Toy What’s the secret to this toy’s amazing durability? Its construction. The outer covering is actually 3 layers in 1 — 2 layers of industrial-grade luggage material covered by an outer layer of soft fleece. They sew all the layers together to make one super-strong cover. Both the outer and inner edges of the ring are sewn together with 2 layers of cross-stitching, followed by 2 layers of linear stitching for added strength. Then the black trim that covers these 4 rows of stitching is attached with 3 additional layers of stitching. That’s a total of 7 layers of stitching holding this toy together.

Yes, this is one tough toy!

Sure It’s Tough … But It’s FUN, Too.

Dogs give this toy 2 big "paws up"! Your dog will have hours of fun with this brightly colored red ring toy. And talk about a great design ... this fun fabric already has his paw prints all over it!

There are so many great ways to enjoy The Ultimate Ring Toy that the fun never ends. Not only can your dog carry this toy in his mouth, he can poke his nose through the center hole of the ring and carry it around on his snout. Now how cool is that?

You and your dog will find endless ways to enjoy this amazing new toy, because it’s so versatile, it can do almost anything.

It FLIES. You can use it like a Frisbee. Give it a spin and send it sailing across the park or out over the water.

It FLOATS. That’s right, The Ultimate Ring Toy also floats, making it the perfect toy for water play.

It SQUEAKS. If your dog likes squeaky toys he’s going to love The Ultimate Ring Toy. It has multiple squeakers inside to keep him entertained.

This 10-inch toy is the perfect size for medium to large dogs of all breeds.

Remember that this is a play toy, not a chew toy, so we encourage you to use it interactively with your dog. Enjoy some quality playtime with your precious pup. You won’t remember the last time the two of you had so much fun together!

They Said It Was Tough … But We Had to See for Ourselves

In this video, our staff veterinarian, Dr. Debra Primovic, tested The Ultimate Ring Toy on her family’s dog, Sweet Lips. And as you can see, she REALLY put this product’s durability to the test!

The Ultimate Ring Toy easily held its own against Sweet Lips’ active play, but what kind of brutal "wear and tear" could this toy really withstand?

We threw it in a lake. Stomped on it. Ran over it with a tractor. Washed it, over and over again. We even beat it with a hammer. And The Ultimate Ring Toy came through with flying colors.

Vet Recommended and Approved — This toy took all the punishment we could dish out, and it still looked as good as new!

We Proved It …
The Tuffy Ultimate Ring Toy Is Tough Enough to Last.

Now, Let Your Dog Put It to the Test.

The Ultimate Ring Toy
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