Cats Can’t Resist This Crazy Toy!

Undercover Mouse: Cats “Hunt” It Like a Real Mouse
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Non-Stop Fun!

EEEEEKK!!! There’s a mouse in the house! And kitty’s determined to catch it … no matter what it takes!

You’ll laugh out loud as your cat goes WILD stalking and chasing the Undercover Mouse. The small mechanical "mouse" moves silently … stealthfully … under the durable nylon cover, teasing and engaging your cat in hours of healthy, active play.

The mouse is programmed to move randomly, constantly changing speed and direction beneath the nylon cover. The movement is so lifelike, your cat will be convinced there’s a real live mouse in the house! The toy has various speeds, so you can experiment and find the setting your cat enjoys most.

Cats instinctively love Undercover Mouse. They just can’t help themselves.
As natural hunters and predators, cats were born to stalk and hunt. And nothing consumes them more than the chase! That’s where Undercover Mouse really delivers. This mechanical mouse darts frantically back and forth in perpetual motion — just out of full sight — tempting, teasing and enticing your kitty … "Catch me if you can!"

This is an awesome toy, especially for indoor cats that don’t usually get to satisfy their natural instinct to hunt. With Undercover Mouse as their prey, they’ll indulge themselves in the hunt for hours on end. And they’ll love every minute of it!

Undercover Mouse is an especially healthy toy for overweight cats because it naturally intrigues them into stalking, pouncing and playing. So if you’ve got a lazy "fat cat," Undercover Mouse could be just the thing to make them more active.

Rave Reviews from Pet Industry Experts … and Cats Everywhere

Award-Winning Interactive Toy

APPA The American Pet Products Association, the Nation’s leading not-for-profit industry trade association, named the Undercover Mouse the best new cat product of 2008. The interactive toy received APPA’s First Place "Best in Show" Award at the 2008 Global Pet Expo, the pet industry’s largest annual trade show.

Even the Media is Taking Notice

"I purchased the Panic Undercover Mouse toy for my two cats. It is the BEST toy I have ever purchased for them. They played with it for two hours non-stop last night, and could hardly wait for it to be turned on this morning. Thank you, for a wonderful cat toy!" — Karen R

"I saw the Undercover Mouse on Dr. Jon’s email and it looked like something that would amuse my feline babies! Sure enough, all 3 of my cats love it and it keeps them entertained for hours." — William

"I saw an ad for the Undercover Mouse online and it looked like it may be fun for my furry kids. Both of my cats like it. I like that it gives them something active to do and I don’t have to be involved." — Michelle

"My cats love it. They play with it for hours. Sometimes they stare at it and only pounce once in 15 minutes. It is actually quite amusing to watch. I love the whole concept of having something to entertain my cats so I can take a break. I think Henry and Charlie love the ‘random’ setting the best." — Susan

The Media Loves It, Too

APPA Good Morning America featured this toy in their March 2008 segment: "Pamper Your Pets: Hottest New Toys"

Appeals to the Hunter in Your Cat

Cats just can’t seem to get enough of this crazy toy, and it’s easy to see why.

Veterinarians agree that you should give indoor cats something besides food to peak their interest. And since cats are naturally attracted to motion, they will love anything that simulates the movement of a live insect or mouse.

Dog Breath Undercover Mouse’s prey is hidden, just like prey is naturally hidden in the wild, providing a suspenseful interactive hunting and stalking experience … and hours of pure bliss, for both kitty and you!

Three AA batteries (not included) drive the toy’s small motor. A 360 o spinner rotates the cat teaser (mouse) beneath the nylon cover, mimicking the unpredictable movements of a real mouse. Of course your cat will trap the mouse from time to time, stopping the toy’s motion. But the toy’s gearless friction drive was designed for that type of play, so it won’t be damaged when movement is stopped, even for prolonged periods of time.

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