Chew On This.

    TUX™ ... For extra fun, tuck a yummy treat inside this toy!
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› Holds up to chewing, so it
  really lasts
› Hide your dog’s favorite
  treats inside
› A fun fetch toy that
  bounces and floats
› Dishwasher safe so it’s
  easy to clean

Got a Dog That Loves to Chew? Let Him Chew On This!

Got a Dog That Loves to Chew?  Let Him Chew On This! If your dog is a chewer, you’ve learned that most of the toys you give him just won’t last. So you buy more toys, but that soon adds up to plenty of wasted money.

If you’re tired of throwing away money on toys that don’t last, TUX™ is the answer!

TUX™ is different. This toy is made of Zogoflex©, a super durable, extremely pliable rubber-like material that’s produced right here in the USA. Zogoflex© is made to stand up to your dog’s teeth. This tough high-tech material is incredibly strong and completely recyclable. It’s non-toxic and FDA compliant, so it’s totally safe for your dog. And Zogoflex© contains no lead, cadmium, mercury, latex, natural rubber, phthalates, hormones, Bisphenol A or asbestos.

West Paw Design® uses Zogoflex© because of its superior durability. And they especially recommend it for aggressive chewers, pullers and fetchers. That means you can count on this super fun fetch toy to keep your dog active for a long, long time to come.

So Tough, It’s Guaranteed.

So Tough, It’s Guaranteed. TUX™ is made to be FUN ... and durable!

How tough is it? West Paw Design® guarantees the TUX™ against dog destruction. They’re convinced of their product’s superior durability, and rightly so ... they’ve only had a 1 percent return rate! But if your dog does somehow manage to chew through it, West Paw Design® will gladly send you a replacement toy or a refund.

TUX™ has an empty "cavity" inside that is designed to hold and dispense treats. Just fill it with your dog’s favorite treats, and as he plays, the treats are released for his enjoyment.

Your dog is going to love TUX™ because he can play with it in so many different ways. The unusual design of this tough toy makes it easy for your dog to pick up and carry in his mouth. And the pliable rubbery material won’t hurt his teeth. It’s a fun fetch toy that your dog will love to play with it, even without the treats. It bends. It bounces. It flies. And it floats. And best of all, is will really last because it’s made from guaranteed-tough Zogoflex©.

When TUX™ gets dirty, clean-up is a breeze. Just toss it into the dishwasher (top shelf only) and it comes out looking like new!

TUX™ is good fun for your dog, a good deal for your wallet and a good idea for our environment because it’s made with earth-friendly recyclable material. That makes TUX™ a good idea all around!

This tough treat toy has survived the likes of Pit Bulls, Labs, Dobermans, Great Danes, Golden Retrievers, Mastiffs, Jack Russell Terriers, Beagles ... and these dog owners say TUX™ is the best toy ever.

Try one out on your dog. With the manufacturer’s guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose ... and everything to gain!

Get Your Dog a TUX™ Today!

Get Your Dog a TUX Today!
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